A Thorough Guide to Stardew Valley Haley

While playing Stardew Valley, you can meet lots of girls.


Not all of them can compare to the enchanting Haley. Not only she is a stereotypical beautiful girl in Pelican Town but also better than other characters in this game.

Since Stardew Valley Haley knows everyone admires her beauty, it’s a bit challenging to woo her.

So, how should you do?

Don’t worry too much because we’re going to show you ways to marry the girl that everyone dreams.

Stardew Valley Haley and what you should know

Learn her schedule

Although Haley is one of the 12 characters that you can marry in this game, the issue is that she is more complicated than the others.

It also means her schedule is much more complex than the others.

That’s why,

We’ve separated her schedule according to seasons so that you can follow and flirt her with ease.


She often visits the south of Marnie’s ranch to take some pictures on Mondays. Then she spends the rest of her days near the Community Canter to contemplate the fountain.

In case you cannot find her anywhere, she might be at her home for cooking something.


In this season, Haley only stays at home on Wednesdays.

To the other days, you can easily catch her either at the ice cream stand close the Museum or lying on the upper left side of the beach.


Similar to the spring, Haley has the same schedule with one exception.

That is,

You can see her at home all day on Tuesdays.


Haley won’t leave her house in the winter because it’s too cold. Therefore, you easily catch her in different parts of the house that she shares with Emily.

Give gifts

Since Stardew Valley Haley is interested in cultivating something, you can give her Fruit Salad, Sunflower, Daffodils, Coconut and anything in the Universal Loves and Like categories.


Remember to avoid Prismatic Shards and any Vegetables.

In addition,

You should not present her Hazelnut, Chanterelle, Morel, Leek, Holly, Eggs, Purple Mushroom, Quartz, Snow Yam, Clay, Winter Root, Fish, Dandelion, Fruit, Wild Horseradish, Fruit, and any items in the Universal Hates or Dislikes categories.

Find exciting events

There are totally 5 fixed heart events that happen with Haley, and these occur at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 hearts singly.

  • At the 2-heart event, Haley is fighting against her sister to see who will clean the cushions in their house. Try to side with Emily (not Haley) to get friendship points with both of them.
  • At the 4-heart event, you need to visit her house and help her open a jar.
  • At the 6-heart event, you have to assist her to find her grandmother’s bracelet at the beach. Try to search for it to the right of Elliot’s house and then give it to her to enhance the friendship level.
  • The 8-heart event occurs at Marnie’s ranch. Here both of you will take some pictures and get some fun. Then wait until the next morning to receive a letter from her.
  • The 10-heart event is when Haley will admit her feelings for you.

In sum

Haley in Stardew Valley is a great girl who is excellent in cooking and photographing. And if you follow and complete what we mentioned above accurately, you’re guaranteed to marry her and expect a happy life in the future.

Don’t hesitate anymore! Start playing and see what you can gain!

Good luck, guys!