Stardew valley community center overview

The stardew valley community center is a large building in the North part of Pelican Town. On day 6 a cutscene will hold when you enter the town, explaining what the story is, and opening it for your character to discover inside. While in here, you should get straight to the left and into the lower chamber to read a glowing scroll. Once you have finished so, exit, as you are 100% done here. Let’s find out more and click here!

Stardew valley community center: HOW TO PLAY

On day 7 in stardew valley community center, you will get a piece of mail regarding the Community Center. Go to the Wizard Tower, which is South-West of your farm and talk to the Wizard there. If you read the scroll carefully, a long cut scene will play along, with you ultimately earning the ability to read the Junimo text.

Quests of stardew valley community center:

After earning the ability to read Junimo text, you open more quests at the Community Center. These can be seen by going there and reading the golden paper, or by unlocking your inventory and choosing the icon to the right.

Chambers in the stardew valley community center have different installations of quests in the form of Bundles. These offer bringing specific tools or in some cases money to the chamber and sacrificing them in order to accomplish the quest. Each bundle has its own bonus and completing every bundle in a room will gain a bigger reward and restore that room to change its look.

Completing all the Quests will restore the whole center and unlock it to the public.

Note: If you have bought a JojaMart Membership, these will be monetary opens instead.

Crafts Room Quests:

This is the first room available to you and finishing all Crafts Room Quests in stardew valley community center, will open the Bridge Repair reward. This will give you a link to the Quarry east of the Mines.

  • Spring Foraging Bundle
    • Give a Wild Horseradish, Daffodil, Leek, and Dandelion.
    • Bonus – 30 Spring Seeds
  • Summer Foraging Bundle
    • Give a Grape, Spice Berry, and Sweet Pea.
    • Bonus– 30 Summer Seeds
  • Fall Foraging Bundle
    • Give a Common Mushroom, Wild Plum, Hazelnut, and Blackberry.
    • Bonus– 30 Fall Seeds
  • Winter Foraging Bundle
    • Give a Winter Root, Crystal Fruit, Snow Yam, and Crocus.
    • Bonus– 30 Winter Seeds
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle
    • Give any 5 from this list Coconut, Cactus Fruit, Cave Carrot, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, Pine Tar, and Morel.
    • Bonus– 5 Autumn’s Bounty
  • Construction Bundle
    • Give 99 Wood, 99 Wood, 99 Stone, and 10 Hardwood.
    • Bonus– Charcoal Kiln

 Pantry Room Quests:

For accomplishing all Pantry Room Quests, you will open the Greenhouse.

  • Spring Crops Bundle
    • Give a Parsnip, Potato, Green Beanand a Cauliflower.
    • Bonus – 20 Speed Gro
  • Summer Crops Bundle
    • Give a Tomato, Hot Pepper, Blueberry and a Melon.
    • Bonus – Quality Sprinkler
  • Fall Crops Bundle
    • Give Corn, Eggplant, Pumpkin, and a Yam.
    • Bonus – Bee House
  • Quality Crops Bundle
    • Give 5 gold star Parsnip, 5 gold star Melon, 5 gold star Pumpkin, and 5 gold star Corn.
    • Bonus – Preserves Jar
  • Animal Bundle
    • Give a Large Milk, Brown Large Egg, White Large Egg, Large Goat Milk, Wool, and a Duck Egg.
    • Bonus – Cheese Press
  • Artisan Bundle
    • Give any 6 from the following: Truffle Oil, Cloth, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Honey, Jelly, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, and a Cherry.
    • Bonus – Keg

Multiple quests in stardew valley community center:

There is a giant theme to stardew valley community center than just farming and making your farm the best there is. There are various quests in the game and one of the biggest quests concludes the Community Center.

When you first meet the stardew valley community center it looks like an old, breakable and abandoned warehouse but as you speak to the mayor you find out that the building used to be the old Community Center but now no one concerns to it anymore. This used to be the script arc of the game as it represents the change that you are creating in Stardew Valley and every room that you accomplish in the stardew valley community center shows the way that you are dedicating the town. It also supplies a platform for you so that you can experience all the features that are in the game. There are two ways to accomplish this building so here is the complete walkthrough of those two methods.


The Community Center can be completed using two different techniques. The first is the easy one as it is relevant to purchase everything. What you have to do for this plan is to go to the Joja Mart and purchase a membership. When you buy the membership card the Community Center is turned into a warehouse for Joja mart and in it, you can use your gold to purchase all the upgrades and open everything. This method seems like the bad ending as it connects the same corporation that you sought to leave behind.

The second way is the one where you finish all the bundles in the Community Center by yourself without getting a membership. This way is much more difficult but it is definitely more worthing because it involves all of the advantages of Stardew Valley. You will need to dig, fish, farm, and fight in order to earn all the stuff needed. Completing the stardew valley community center this method takes at least one year and most people can not finish the Center using this method in their first year. If you finish the Center using this way you will be received with the appreciation of all the Stardew Valley people. It also opens Pierre’s shop to be open all days of the week.

  • The other advantages you get from fixing up the Community Center are:

– Finishing the Crafts Room will build the bridge to the Quarry which will give you ore on the surface instead of the treasures.

– Finishing the Pantry will build the Greenhouse which opens the ability to plant crops and trees through all the seasons and you can collect them all the time, even in winter.

– Finishing the Fish Tank will open the change to pan for minerals in the rivers as it wipes out the glittering boulder which is preventing the water from flowing freely out of the cave.
– Finishing the boiler chamber is one of the easiest and the most powerful bundles as it opens the mine carts which really helps you get around the town quickly.
– When you finish the vault you open the bus with which you can travel to the desert.

– Finishing the bulletin board gives you 2 hearts with every villager.

Stardew Valley Community Center Every Upgrade Bundle by Season

This is the list of all of the things that you need for stardew valley community center and is picked up by season, type of items, quantity, and tier.

Crops: When it shows to the crops that are necessary for the community center in the season of spring then these are the ones that are chosen:
• One Direct Parsnip
• 5 Gold Parsnips
• Green Bean
• Cauliflower
• Potato
• Apricot
• Cherry

Foraging: For foraging, you will be in charge of the below-mentioned things in the spring season:
• Wild Horseradish
• Daffodil
• Leek
• Morel
• Dandelion

Fish: In the season of spring, you will be capable of the below-mentioned fish:
• Eel
• Shad
• Catfish
• Carp
• Bullhead
• Sunfish
• Crayfish

Artisan: You will be in charge just one thing of Artisan in the season of spring and that is:
• Honey
Animal Products: In the animal products, you will only provide one animal product for the season of spring and that is:
• Truffle

All of the things that you ought to be done for community center bundles for summer are given below with no hesitation to the type of each thing.
Crops: You will be in charge of a lot of things in crops for the season of summer, these things are:
• Tomato
• Hot Pepper
• Blueberry
• One Regular Melon
• 5 Gold Melons
• Orange
• Peach
• Red Cabbage
• 10 Wheat
• Sunflower
• Poppy

Foraging: You will be in charge of a lot of different things in Foraging for the season of summer, those things are given below:
• Grape
• Spice Berry
• Sweet Pea
• Fiddlehead Fern
• Red Mushroom
• Poppy

Fish: For the fish, you will be in charge of the below-mentioned things in the season of summer:
• Tuna
• Red Snapper
• Pufferfish
• Tilapia
• Shad
• Sunfish
• Carp
• Bullhead
• Catfish
• Sturgeon

Artisan: You will collect just one item in Artisan for the season of summer and that is:
• Honey

Animal Products: You will collect only one animal product for the season of summer:
• Truffle

The things that you will be used for the seasons of fall/autumn are offered below according to their types:
Crops: You will collect a lot of different items for the crops of fall/autumn, all of the items are shown below:
• One Regular Corn
• Eggplant
• Yam
• 4 Apples
• Sunflower
• 2 Pomegranates
• One Regular Pumpkin
• 10 Wheat
• 5 Gold Pumpkins
• 5 Gold Corn
Foraging: The items that are chosen for foraging in the season of fall/autumn are:
• Common Mushroom
• Wild Plum
• Hazelnut
• 2 Red Mushrooms
• Blackberry
Fish: A lot of different fish are picked for the season of fall/autumn. The names are given below:
• Red Snapper
• Walleye
• Tilapia
• Eel
• Shad
• Catfish
• Tiger Trout
• Carp
Artisan: Only one item is chosen for the Artisan and that is:
• Honey
Animal Products: Only one item is picked from animal products and that item is:
• Truffle

As you know that there is no harvest done in the winter so all you need for winter are:
Foraging: You will need various items for foraging in the season of winter:
• Winter Root
• Crystal Fruit
• Snow Yam
• Nautilus Shell
• Crocus
Fish: You will be as many fish as possible for the season of winter and these fish are:
• Tuna
• Red Snapper
• Catfish
• Sturgeon

  • Tiger Trout
  • These are all the things that you need for stardew valley community center. Make sure to get through all of them carefully and get these things in their viewing seasons before the season ends.