Papers Please Game – how to make a cheat!

Papers Please is a simple but addictive game. This game assumes that you as a player will take place in a guard of national frontiers, and your mission is to check the document, passport, and identification paper of citizens; and they have to decide to allow or deny the foreigners to come into the country. This task sounds quite simple but gradually it becomes more challenging. If you make a mistake in your checking process, which lets the foreign wrongdoers penetrate the domestic country, you will be forced to pay a heavy fine. This penalty can affect negatively to your family condition. However, based on several specific situations, you will have to choose to follow your heart or your mind in case of making decisions. Sometimes you select to be humanitarian and willing to be penalized in order to support someone with an acceptable reason. Now, this is time for Papers please cheats come. So, will you sacrifice yourself to help people or do what the rules want you to do? Choice is yours, choose wisely!

Another main part of this game is that a terror organization named The Order of the Ezic Star comes and asks you whether you prefer joining their team. From this issue, you will act to select one of twenty endings of the game.

During the gameplay, there are some guidelines for Papers Please Cheats giving to you to overcome this game about token locations:

Import Token: on the 4th day, a woman comes and says that she really want to meet her son. Indicating her inconsistency in her document, and then allow her to pass anyway.

Antegria Token: on the 5th day, a man begs you to help his wife because her paper is not proper. You have to show her discrepancy, but also permit them to go.

Obristan Token: let Jorji Costava passes the frontier whenever he comes. This kind of cheat is one of the easiest compared to other Papers please cheats.

Artoska Token: on the 12th day, an Artoska provides 4 business cards with the aim of asking you to give them to the engineers. Please do this task before the Artoska comes back on day 16.

Republia Token: This is a quite complicated issue including in Papers please cheats. On the 21th day, a man which does not have suitable papers requires you to let him go by offering you his watch. Keep that watch. When that man gets back on day 23, you have to return the watch to him, then he will offer you a bribe. After that, he also complains that his watch is broken, and forces you to give his bribe back. Remember to do the same steps to earn the token.

Kolechia Token: on the 24th day, a person sends you a loving note. Don’t throw it away. After a few days, you will give it to a person who is depressed.

United Federation Token: An uneasy cheat towards remaining Papers please cheats. On the 29th day, a strange man will provide you a picture of his daughter, and he wants you to seize the passport of Simon Wenz, simultaneously forces you to let him go. On the 30th day, Simon Wenz enters your country, but do not allow him to go as above instruction, and you have to give Simon’s passport when that strange man comes to you again.