List of Weapons in Strike Force Heroes

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Developed by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva, Strike Force Heroes is an amazing Action, Battle and Weapon video game. The game centers on Battles between groups of powerful forces.

The storyline of Strike Force Heroes is well written with the complication of multiple science-fiction elements such as aliens, soldiers, and incredible scientists. The game has the player learning some important information before he actually faces massive battles.

In this article, we will go through the list of amazing weapons in Strike Force Heroes. With the support of the specified Weapons, the player will be a hundred times stronger.

For your information, Strike Force Heroes provides the player with a set of various weapons, each one of them has a name in real life. By reading through this article, you will also have a chance to gain even more knowledge about a field that you always love to discover.

  1. The Primary weapons

Medic’s weapons

Assault Rifles

Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
M4 Colt M4A1 Full Auto 30×4
Famas Nexter FAMAS / FA-MAS (Fusil `de Assaut de la Manufacture d`Armes de Saint-Etienne / Assault rifle from the Saint-Etienne weapon Factory) Single Fire 30×4
Scar FN SCAR L (Special Operations Force Combat Assault Rifle) More based on L variant Full Auto 22×4
G36 HK G36 Full Auto 30×4
Dragon “DataDyne Dragon” from Perfect Dark Single Fire 30×4
AK 47 Kalashnikov AK47 (Automat/Auto Kalashnikov 1947) rapid fire 30×4



Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
Cougar Colt Detective Special Single Fire 6×4
Needler Syringe Gun from Team Fortress 2 used by the German Character “Medic” Single Fire 6×4
357 Colt Python (Assumption is made based on the fact that it resembles TF2’s default revolver.) Single Fire 6×4
.44 S&W M29 Single Fire 6×4
Colt 45 Colt Single-Action Army Single Fire 6×4
500 S&W M500 (Smith and Wesson) Single Fire 6×4


Assassin’s weapons

Sniper rifles

Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
Scout Steyr Scout Single Fire 3×4
Barrett Barrett M82 Single Fire 5×3
Dragunov Dragunov (SVD) Single Fire 3×4
Jackal Jackal from Day of the Jackal Single Fire 2×9
AWP AI L96 A1(Accuracy International, Arctic Warfare Police) Single Fire 1×6
Crossbow A Compound Crossbow Single Fire 1×16


Melee weapons

Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
Combat Knife Combat knife
Bat Baseball bat
Baton Nightstick
Nine Iron Golf club “Iron”
Machete Machete
Katana Katana, a type of Japanese sword

Commando’s weapons

Machine Guns

Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
AUG HBAR Steyr AUG HBAR LMG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr / Universal Army Rifle, Heavy Barreled Automatic Rifle) Full Auto 30×4
RPD Soviet RPD LMG (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyareva / Hand-held Machinegun of Degtyarev) Full Auto 50×4
First Blood M60 Light Machine Gun Full Auto 50×4
OICW HK XM29 SABR OICW (Selective Assault Battle Rifle, Objective Individual/Infantry Combat Weapon) Full Auto 14×4
Minigun General Electric M134 Minigun Full Auto unlimited
Saw FN M249 SAW LMG (Minimi, Squad Automatic Weapon, Light Machinegun) Full Auto 50×4



Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
RPG RPG-7 Single Fire 1×6
Javelin FGM-148 Javelin Single Fire 1×4
Stinger FIM-92 Stinger Single Fire 1×6
Thumper M79 “Thumper” Single Fire 2×4
M-32 Milkor MGL (based more off of the Hawk MM1, though) Single Fire 6×4
Commando M202 FLASH (FLame Assault SHoulder Weapon) 4-round Burst Fire 4×4

Tank’s weapons


Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
Defriender Benneli M3 Single Fire 4×4
SPAS 12 Franchi SPAS-12 Single Fire 7×4
AA 12 Atchisson AA12 Full Auto 8×4
Striker Armsel Striker Full Auto 12×4
Omar Appears to be based off of a generic side-by-side double-barreled shotgun. It looks most like the Wells Fargo Coach Gun. Full Auto 2×4
Judgement Winchester Model 1887 Single Fire 4×4



Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
Riot Polycarbonate riot shield (judging by the design).
Police Ballistic riot control shield.
Blast (A blast-proof shield with greenish pattern).
Buckler Barbarian shield (look-a-like).
Meat (It looks like a frozen meat used to be hung in the large refrigerator)
Siegius Roman Shield (more correctly, a shield from the game Siegius)


  1. The Secondary weapons


Name  Real name in life (characteristic/information)  Mode  Ammo 
USP HK USP .45 (Heckler and Koch Universal Self-loading Pistol .45 ACP) Single Fire 12×6
Beretta Beretta 92FS Single Fire 12×6
Socom HK Mark23 Mod 0 (OHWS USSOCOM – Offensive Handgun Weapon System, United States Special Operations COMmand) Single Fire 12×6
M1911 Colt M1911 Single Fire 12×6
P99 Walther P99 Single Fire 12×6
Desert Eagle IMI(IWI) Desert Eagle .50 AE (Israel Military/Weapons Industries, .50 Action Express) Single Fire 7×6
Raffica Beretta 93R Full Auto 18×5
Uzi Uzi (Named Uzi, but it looks like an Ingram MAC-10 more than Uzi) Full Auto 18×5
Skorpion Skorpionvz. 61 Full Auto 22×5
Glock 18 Glock Ges. m.b.H #18 Full Auto 22×5
Patriot Mauser C96 Full Auto 16×5
Cyclone The “Cyclone” from Perfect Dark Full Auto 18×4
AKS 74 Kalashnikov AKS 74U (Automat/AutoKalashnikov Skladnoy 1974 Ukorochenniy / Shortened Folding Kalashnikov Assault Rifle 1974) Full Auto 32×4
UMP HK UMP .45 (Universal Machine-Pistol .45 ACP) Full Auto 32×4
MP5 HK MP5 K PDW (”Machine-Pistol #5Kurz/short Personal Defense Weapon) Full Auto 30×4
Vector Vector (KRISS Vector / Super V) Full Auto 32×4
Phantom Spectre M4 “Phantom” Full Auto 32×4
RCP 90 Partially based on a FN P90 Full Auto 50×4

Are you happy with the list we provide you above? With this list of weapons, you will be able to make the best choice while you are playing Strike Force Heroes. Let’s use this list for your next time playing Strike Force Heroes!

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