Characters in Happy Wheels

 General information:

Happy Wheels debuted under the genre of Action game, with the touch of the genius game developer Jim Bonacci. Launched in 2006, Happy Wheels has been entertaining the players around the world with hilarious gameplay for more than a decade. People come to Happy Wheels to see their character riding such a ridiculous wheeled vehicle and destroy themselves. The violence level of Happy Wheel is quite high, but lots of players find it interesting and stress-relieve.

In this article, we will come up with the list of humiliating characters from Happy Wheels to see how they contribute to such a funny game world!

The original four characters of Happy Wheels – The “fantastic four”.

The Wheelchair Guy

The Wheelchair Guy is the first character of Happy Wheels, who was made in 2006. Alongside Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad, and Effective Shopper, Wheelchair Guy is the original cast of Happy Wheels and he appears in every version of the game.

The Wheelchair Guy is famous for being capable of using his jet to fly and speaking. His Wheelchair is obviously a bomb to any player who doesn’t know how to control it.

The Segway Guy

The second biggest character of Happy Wheels is Segway Guy. He is also known as the Business Guy or Steven Douglas. His special ability is riding his metallic segway to jump into the air. The players are often forced to play Segway Guy in levels where they have to make an immediate ejection (ball throws or ragdolls).

The Irresponsible Dad

Irresponsible Dad is the kind of Dad who you have always been looking for your entire life. He’s fun and in short, he is irresponsible! The Irresponsible Dad is also the first character to have more than one character on his vehicle.

Effective Shopper

Effective Shopper is a character who is only available in the full game, and the player has to visit Total Jerkface as a requirement to play her. Because of her weight, Effective Shopper cannot jump far and high.

Besides those four unique characters, Happy Wheels also owns up to 5+ other interesting characters with various characteristics. Downhere is some information about them that you may be interested in.

The Moped Couple

This hilarious couple was added in version 1.20 of Happy Wheels. The man in this couple is able to reattach to the Moped, just like The Effective Shopper or The Segway Guy. The developer of the game enables the players to submit their moaning sounds for the voice of Moped Couple.

The Lawnmower Man

This character is actually one of the quickest characters in Happy Wheels. He cannot jump high, but can rotate very easily using his vehicle.

The Explorer Guy

The Explorer Guy rides a minecart, which can attach to rails. He is described as a numb Indiana Jones with lots of ridiculous acts.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the largest character of Happy Wheels. After The Irresponsible Father, Santa Claus is the second character to have more than one person travel with him.

The Pogostick Man

The Pogostick Man is the second character in Happy Wheels to ride a vehicle without wheels. He is also able to reattach to his pogo stick after ejection.

The Irresponsible Mom

Follow the success of The Irresponsible Dad character, we have The Irresponsible Mom. She is able to receive a boost upon ejection.

The Helicopter Man

This character is considered as one of the most effective characters of Happy Wheels. He is able to reach sustained flight. Besides, his equipment also allows him to grab and carry the objects around him.

In conclusion

Happy Wheels is a video game with a wide range of characters. The developer of the game is updating new characters each time a new version is out. Let’s wait and see how amazing the upcoming characters look like! You can play similar games to happy wheels at