Bioshock – A shooting game that super difficult but can not stop playing


Since its launch in 2007 the most recent infinite, Bioshock has always attracted the attention of the gaming community as a near-perfect series of games. It combines both immersive and action-packed action games with a brain-deadening, classy, ​​and its complicated storyline.

But, almost all games with single player mode, the question is always “how long will it take to complete it, and whether it is worth the money they spend”?

There are a lot of factors that affect this, such as the game’s storyline, features, dungeons … So in this article, we’ll review a bit about Bioshock. And the question above, I will let you answer yourself after reading it.

How to play:

In the late 1940s, the world became tense after World War II, the environment was severely damaged. Part of the human world because of depressed life on the ground has separated itself, built itself a paradise located tens of thousands of meters below sea level. Rapture, the city on the ocean floor of the tycoon Andrew Ryan was born with all humanity at that time: modern peace, clean energy, endless food and completely separate. outside world. In order to protect the city from prying eyes from the ground, Rapture also set up an ultra-modern private security force.

As a result, oceanographic studies have given Rapture breakthroughs in gene transfer and modification technology, particularly the DNA of Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum. ADAM can bring extraordinary changes to the human body. However, this unique discovery made the Rapture a mess when the conflict broke out between the ADAM contenders.

Something that the Bioshock and Fallout series did perfectly well, is to take the remnants of the golden age to exaggerate the ruins, the ruins and the fear of reality. Jazz music or swing in the 40s and 50s of the twentieth century was perfect for the dark atmosphere, with the dangers of stalking players everywhere. Living in the midst of a dead and dangerous city from the Splicers, Jack is armed with a relatively large arsenal of wrenches, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, chemical spray guns, rocket launchers and a mobile bow.

Each weapon has about three types of ammunition with different damage levels for the player to choose. You can actively improve the new functionality for them at the upgraded stations scattered around the city. The ability to upgrade will depend on the type of weapon: vibration resistance for machine guns, or increase the range of firearms … Because completely free and significantly improve the weapon should upgrade stations. This is hidden and you have to spend a lot of time to hunt.

There are more than 50 Plasmid skills that you can unlock during the game. However, in order to own most of these precious skills you must use the ADAM obtained for purchase at the Gatherer’s Garden. And ADAM can only be obtained from the Little Sisters in the game. The obstacle is that the Little Sisters are always protected from the Big Daddy with tremendous power, speed as fast as electricity and in the hands are also five heavy weapons that the most impressive is the drill The giant can take you to Heaven with just one fatal act.


The only minus point can be found in the game is the redundant appearance of the Vita-Chamber revival points. With these free revival points, players can restore the status quo of their blood and their belongings before a battle is over – a good deal for gamers regardless of where they go. This repeats many times.


Since its release at the E3 annual event, Bioshock has gathered much attention from the gaming community, as evidenced by the Game of the Show title by Gamespot, IGN and Gamespy. In addition, the game also won the Trailer of The Year of Gametrailers website. And now, with the official version Bioshock has proven that the titles they achieved is not by chance and luck.