What is game software knowledge in a GameStop Application? (Review)

What is game software knowledge in a GameStop Application? (Review)

  12 Apr 2018

While you might be questioned on what should be the relevant things to put in the GameStop application, some applicants shared that you can just simply present what you know about the games.

Things you should know:

Your job is to sell video games and consoles, ergo, you need to know the product. In other words, do you know your shit when Average Joe asks you about a game on their shelves? Let them know what you’re a fan of and your hands-on experience with different game genres published over the last five years.

You can make a list of your favorite systems and game companies under each one.Knowing the popular games for each system. PC is not just XP and Vista, it also dives into requirements and basic knowledge of computer parts. As for Video Game Systems you have to know their pros, cons, and who they are marketed to.

This is mainly games. Like knowing what most games are, so if someone asks you about one, you’ll know where to look or if that’s out yet. If someone asks you something like “I want to play more games like Final Fantasy“, you’ll be able to say something like “Tales series” may be something they like and show them a couple of the games from that series that you have in store.

Release dates, if that game requires a fee to play online, if it has local 2P/Co-op in it etc. For instance, when I applied for the role, my manager didn’t ask what I owned but instead asked me to name off 10 games that had come out in the last 3 months.

They are looking for someone to engage the customer and to get reservations and subscriptions. Specifically they are looking for someone who could say, “I see you’re trading in Bioshock: Infinite. Have you heard of The Order: 1886? It’s also a period shooter.”


In conclusion, the managers’ looking for someone with the knowledge ready to explain things to both gamers and other customers. They’re looking for someone to know when to push subs and reservations and when to just explain things.

They’re also looking for someone to alphabetize and clean the entire store everyday but that’s another matter. You could say how familiar you are with different console platforms. With this, you’ll be able to advise a customer on who develops what and which games might best fit their interest.


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