Top 4 Free Meeting Software Online.

Top 4 Free Meeting Software Online.

  12 Apr 2018

Online meetings have become very popular in the world. However, in some countries, many businesses have not yet implemented. Partly because of the high cost of investment, but more important is the traditional meeting habits that are embedded in corporate culture. So, today I would like to introduce you to 4 online meeting software completely free. Businesses can try out their small team meetings to see how well they are doing before deciding to invest in larger systems.

1. Skype

Skype is a very popular software in the world. Skype allows texting, making free audio calls or video calls. In recent times, Skype has added features that allow group video calls to be made available in small online meetings.

a. How to use:

Because it’s so popular, Skype supports most platforms from Computer to Mobile, Tablet or even TVs, Xbox consoles. With a free account, you can use up to 100 hours per month, 10 hours per day and 4 hours per meeting. When exceeded by the time limit, your meeting will automatically switch to normal voice call mode.

Skype does not mention the maximum number of people that can participate in the meeting, but recommends users not to be meeting more than 5 people. In fact, this issue is very much dependent on the amount of people using Skype and international Internet access (due to Skype’s overseas server).

b. Performance:

On the quality of voice, I probably do not need to talk much, Skype uses the SILK codec developed by Skype itself for very good quality. In terms of image, Skype uses the open source codec VP8 developed by Google and H.264. These two standards are quite popular so it is no different from other software. Therefore, stability will be ensured.

2. Google Hangout

The second software I would like to introduce to you in today’s article is Google Hangout. This is a gadget that comes with Google plus. Users can immediately use their Gmail account to use. Extremely convenient and friendly.

a. How to use:

Google Hangouts can run live on the Chrome browser so you can use it with any type of computer. On mobile, Google Hangout supports two popular platforms, iOS and Android. Of course, since it’s a Google product, Google Hangouts runs best on Android devices.

Like most other Google services, Hangouts is free. With up to 10 people in Group Video Call calls, Hangouts can support most small online meetings. (The fact that free services rarely guarantee quality when meeting more than 5 people).

b. Performance:

Google has its own open source video encoder VP8. However, Google uses Vidyo’s proprietary codec. This is the new H.264-SVC standard technology for better “fixing bugs” and is able to adapt to low-quality lines such as 3G.

Image quality of Google Hangout is relatively good, especially in countries with poor Internet quality like some Asian countries. However, the software running as an add-in of Browser also has many limitations on features, as well as not fully exploit the performance of high-configuration computer.

3. TrueConf Online

TrueConf is a leading videoconferencing software provider in Russia. In line with the world’s cloud trend, TrueConf also offers its TrueConf Online service based on its TrueConf Server platform.

a. How to use:

TrueConf also supports most PC and mobile operating systems, and supports WebRTC on Chrome and Firefox browsers. TrueConf Online only allows up to 3 points free. You can extend up to 250 points, but of course you have to pay extra. TrueConf also allows users to download server software to manually install a dedicated video conferencing system.

TrueConf has 4 meeting modes for different purposes: picture call (resolution to fullHD), multi-point video conferencing, online class, virtual meeting room (4K resolution).

b. Performance:

TrueConf Online gives you very good picture quality. You may find it quite similar to Google Hangout. Because TrueConf also uses the H.264-SVC encoder on VP8. However, because of the service fee, the quality is guaranteed. If you are a business, need security and stability, you should install TrueConf on your own server and purchase one license.


Unlike current online conferencing software, VSEE is quite special when using a peer-to-peer connection model instead of a central server. The software on the user’s computer sends and receives images directly to each other.

a. How to use:

Theoretically, by using the peer-to-peer connection model, VSEE can extend unlimited number of meeting points. However, this depends a lot on your computer’s configuration. The computer itself must handle all the connections that can lead to overload if there are too many points involved. Another downside is that you cannot control the meeting, so it is suitable for workshops, team work.

VSEE does not currently support Linux. And for iOS, it only runs on the iPad, not the Iphone.

b. Performance:

Depending on computer configuration and transmission quality, VSEE will give very different quality. But overall with small groups of 4-5 people, the image quality is relatively good. VSEE does not release information about audio encoders as well as images, but it seems they write their own encoders.

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