Top 15 Mech Games for PC that you should know

Top 15 Mech Games for PC that you should know

  23 Aug 2018

This top 15 Mech games for PC list was generated after comparing over 30.000 video games on the PC Windows platform. Although, the order in this list just follows the opinion of a specialist’s, it still has one of the best mech games for PC that definitely gives you enough joy and satisfaction.

Not only one of the top mech games, this list also features the latest title. Some titles, as you see, are newly-released in the year 2018 (for instance, BattleTech and Into the Breach), or 2017 (Senko no Ronde 2)

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1. Strike Vector EX – 2017

Strike Vector EX – 2017

Being a first-person combat game, Strike Vector EX gives every gamer the satisfaction of waging dizzying wars with aircrafts that are super-powered. This game of the developer Ragequit is bursting with mech-inspired ships and brings a story-based campaign with deadly AI, cutscenes characters. This is probably the right choice if you’re looking for some mech games for pc with actual plot.

2. Astebreed – 2013

Astebreed – 2013

The player will play as the protagonist Roy Becket, a young man who dreams becoming a skilled pilot similar to his father. Being one of the greatest mech games for pc, the game happens in a mech setting – Roy had to spring into action and deal with an otherworldly war machine when a galactic war with an mechanical ancient alien race breaks out, he also has to make attempt to save what remains of the human race as well. Roy’s companion is a young girl who said that she had escaped from the grab of the dangerous aliens. However, through countless horrible experimentation from the aliens, she now has some special abilities, coincidentally, humanity will need her abilities to stop the end of the world. Together, the two of them must work hard, fight hard until they achieve the happy ending. With such an interesting plot like this, Astebreed is definitely one of those must-play mech games for pc.

3. Senko no Ronde 2 – 2017

 Senko no Ronde 2 – 2017

Looking for some mech games for pc that comes from Japan? Senko no Ronde 2 is a one-on-one action game with fast pace, this game gives you a combination of the fighting and shooting genres in a mech-filled theme with the setting in outerspace! Zuntata alumnus Yasuhisa Watanabe as the game’s music creator, know that some awesome soundtrack is waiting for you in the game as well!

4. BattleTech – 2018

BattleTech – 2018

As a production of Harebrined Schemes, BattleTech is a turn-based strategy video game that was published by Paradox Interactive. On April 2018 the game was released on two platforms -Windows and OS X, and then a Linux release follows. With a budget of one million dollars, the game was created, but a Kickstarter was also launched in order to secure funding for upcoming features. Although newly-released, this game still deserves to be in this list of top mech games for pc.

5. Titanfall 2 – 2016

Titanfall 2 – 2016

Just like the original Titanfall, Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter in which players can control every side that has in the game – including the pilot, the mech-style exoskeletons and the Titans. However, there are obviously new features, for example, there are now seven new gameplay mechanics: the holo-pilot, a holographic pilot that mimic players’ action to confuse enemies, a sliding mechanic, the pulse blade (a throwing knife), and a grappling hook that could be used to slingshot players to a building or an enemy when being attached to it. Similar to the first game, the game also has a progression system as the same, but with more weapons and players can now customize their weapons as well. When the enough points to summon a Titan was gained by the player, and then descends from the sky will be a Titan.

6. Hawken – 2012

Hawken – 2012

Hawken is a game that focuses on making a thrilling battle experience that can deliver exactly the feels when piloting a mech, and still keeps the action strategic and fast-paced. There are three game modes in this game and they are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Co-op Bot Team Deathmatch.

A sad new for us all is that the developers decided to shut down the PC version of the game on 2 January 2018. This means players cannot continue playing Hawken on PC platform. On the same day, DLC content was also taken out from the Steam store. Although not being those mech games for pc anymore, Hawken is still worth a try!

7. Into the Breach – 2018

Into the Breach – 2018

While playing Into the Breach, you have the ability to control super-powerful mechs that come from the future in order to defeat an alien threat. In this turn-based strategy game, each attempt to save the world can lead to a new and randomly-generated challenge.

There’s no denying that the game is very well made and a fresh look on the new mech games for pc. Although not having a lot of action, the game is not all about big explosions and gunshots; planning is what it’s about. While playing, you will understand that the real fun is devising a clever plan and seeing as it plays!

8. Mecha Ace – 2014

Mecha Ace – 2014

“Mecha Ace” is an intense interactive sci-fi game written by Paul Wang, in the game, your choices matter and affect the game’s story heavily. Without graphics or sound effect – the game is entirely text-based– and formed by the unstoppable power that comes from your imagination. This is the thing that makes Mecha Ace one of those mech games for pc that you must try.

Play the game and choose your side. Will you choose the road of a hero or go down as a villain, or renegade? Win your enemies with determination, skills, or heavy firepower?

9. Worms W.M.D – 2016

Worms W.M.D – 2016

What make Worms W.M.D charming are the nominative invertebrates and their variety in items. As they crawl, swing, hop and fly across the battlefield, the adorable worms yell out jokey phrases while using various gears such as parachutes, jetpacks and grappling hooks. Once seeing the enemy in range, your skills and schemes will be all that matter, as well as the suitable weapon choices such as baseball bats or fire punches, missiles and airstrikes.

10. Brigador – 2016

Brigador – 2016

When playing Brigador, you will be given the choice to your weapons, vehicle, defense and pilot. Attack the districts of Solo Nobre, after that try to successfully escape or die trying. Don’t be mistaken, Brigador the one of those mech games for pc that you need to assemble your dream mech or deathtank, try it out in Bladerunnerville, destroy everything, gone wild and have an intensely great fight. Although not similar to Mechwarrior, the ingame tanks themselves still scratch pretty much every other mech they go by, especially with style.

11. Templar Battleforce – 2015

Templar Battleforce – 2015

Being a sequel, Templar Battleforce’s setting was set in the later history of the Star Traders universe, but this polished and expansive game still diverse lot of recognition. The impacts of Warhammer 40k and X-COM can still be seen in the game, but, at its core, this game is a strategy-RPG. Templar Battleforce may remind players of Atlus’ Super Robot Taisen games: Bits to change and level up, with no boring grinding, only a series of combats within-between story-telling. Hurry up and buy this game! Missions in a mech-like world are waiting for you!

12. Iron Brigade – 2011

Iron Brigade – 2011

The game’s developer is Double Fine Production. Iron Brigade’s former name was Trenched. On the year 2011, it is published by Microsoft Studios as an Xbox Live Arcade title that can be downloaded on Xbox 360 platform; Later in 2012, it was set for release as a title that can be played on PC and became one of those mech games for pc. Iron Brigade is a third-person shooter game and has hybrid tower defense mechanic, it is set after World War I in an alternate universe, in this universe, and the player takes charge of units from the Mobile Trench Brigade and fight off robotic creatures named the Monovision.

13. Ironcast – 2015

Ironcast – 2015

Ironcast is not one of those puzzle game under the form of as strategy game. However, it is also a rogue-like – if this world exists as you permit it is. It’s a good title, but be prepared for all the sufferings of defeat and all the frustration that builds up as you take step by step to reach to your next decision and change your destiny.

14. Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD – 2017

Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD – 2017

Damascus Code: Operation Tokyo HD’s genres are single-player, mission-based, hack and slack, isometric mech game with customizable mechs. Fly your gear through countless of enemies waves called RAGE that are armed with ranged, melee, and ultra weapons. Luckily, you’re given some suitable abilities to survive, such as boosting through empty areas of the map, making short dashes out of danger-zone, and the ability to restore health through the use of repair kits.

Each mission has different conditions to be completed. For some, all you need to do is destroying all units of RAGE found in the area. For other, you need to aim for a certain kind of RAGE units or a super-strong and hard-to-defeat RAGE.  For some missions, you will even have to escort things, somewhere you just need to survive, and other where your only objective is to get to a pointed area on the map.

15. Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax – 2015

Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax – 2015

Being one of the highly praised mech games for PC, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is an awesome action 1-4 player co-op shooter game. You can customize your ingame experience freely by choosing from different game modes, settings, mechs, weapons and upgrades. There are about 4-5 different characters in the character selection list, with their significantly special abilities and super weapons. For weapons, there will be even more choices, up to 49 unique weapon combinations will keep you interested –games settings can be customized as well; just play in whatever style you want to play. Don’t forget to pay attention to the game’s main story (with no plot-twist, we can ensure) through 10 levels. There will even be a hard mode for you to replay, in case you beat it all. And finally, let’s enjoy the amazing soundtrack of Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax.

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