strike force heroes 3 unblocked games 66 – Kill the General!

strike force heroes 3 unblocked games 66 – Kill the General!

  09 Jul 2018

Unlike other classic 2D shooter games, there is a completely different game engine. The gameplay of this game is a modern and has lots of new features. In Strike force heroes 3, you can play as different roles. However, the most important difference between this and other games is that.

In this game, you are not just another soldier, you will receive an essential quest to complete. Your character must save the universe from the evil professor.

How to play:

1. Hero and battles stats:

Before entering the fight, players choose 4 teams and one captain. Captain has + 15% of stats. The recruiting system is new in the SFH series. The player will start with a soldier, but unlock the evolving classes throughout the campaign.

Every day a new hero can be recruited (names and classes are created randomly). When players level up, the cost of new heroes will increase. Players can change heroes before they enter the battle. Heroes fighting so many consecutive battles can become tiresome.

There are three conditions of the soldier when they are not in normal status:

TIRED – Heroes that fight many battles in a row become tired and have -20% stats.

INJURED – When tired heroes fight too many battles, they get injured and have -50% stats.

CRITICAL – When the heroes are wounded in battle, they finally become critical. It drops 99% of the hero’s stats. Each match you complete will play the game one day and gently heal all the heroes that are not in battle.

2. Combat Modes

Every day, Heroes gain experience and level up. The maximum is 30. There are 7 combat modes.

Team Deathmatch – Two teams fight to win and the team gets the maximum to kill the first win.

Deathmatch – No team and this battle can only be played with one soldier. The captain of the team fights against other enemies and no one is an ally. The player who gains a certain amount of damage will win


Capture the Flag – Each team has its flags (bags) which they need to defend. Points are scored when a team member delivers the flag to the position of the other. When a soldier carries a flag he/she can’t use the primary weapon.

Domination – There are three points on the map. When one of the player’s soldiers starts the green light starts and the player’s team begins to pick up points. If all points are captured, the enemy will stop receiving points.

One Man Army – Similar to “Juggernaut” games in previous games in the series. One Man Army is played with one soldier who must kill the One Man Army (a soldier who is bigger and glows red) to become the One Man Army, and then continue killing everybody else on the map to get points.

Gun Game – Played with one soldier. The player starts with a weak weapon and gets better weapon by scoring kills.

Team Gun Game – Just like the gun game, except it is played in teams up to 5 soldiers. When a soldier kills an enemy, everybody else from their team will get a new weapon.

3. Weapons workshop

To use level 31 weapons, upgrade the weapon in workshop and instead it will be downgraded to the lower level. There are 6 weapon conditions: Broken, Normal, Refined, Flawless, Custom and Prototype. Prototype are level 0 and 1 weapons. Custom weapons are unique, golden weapons.

Slot Machine is a feature in the shop that made its debut in SFH2.Spin it and you may get rewards.

Plot of the game

The story continues one year after the events of Strike Force Heroes 2.

After GlobeX was defeated, and their clones troopers’ signal shut down, The Scientist, who was originally ally of the military took over the GlobeX company and reprogrammed veterans from Strike Force Heroes army: Jyn, Dex, Nathan and Tower, who suffered Captured in the final battle in SFH 2, so they work for them. He somehow moved the signal that provided the human source back and created clone army that took over the world, promising his men that the world would fire and only Strike Force Heroes will be blamed. Back at SFH in South America, Wesley, the only hero not captured by GlobeX, is alerted to another attack, led by his former squad mate.

He then became unit commander, replacing General West who had died in previous operations. He must recruit new soldiers to fight and save the world from the human apocalypse. He then recruited Sanchez, Gunslinger, and continued to recruit until the SFH army developed enough to defeat the clones.


Like previous games in Strike Force Heroes, Strike Force Heroes 3 is a 2D platform game played on the map. There are 60 missions and side missions, and after each mission, players will receive a new weapon, a weapon plan, a fund or a new soldier class.


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