Some great online games that you do not lose any money to “discover”.

Some great online games that you do not lose any money to “discover”.

  12 Apr 2018

Gather some great online games that are free for gamers to choose to play them immediately. That is the main purpose of the article today. Now, let’s see what these games are!

1. MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 will be open beta in China on September 21st by Tencent, which is released as a free-to-play game, so players will be able to participate very easily, without spending money to buy an id account as the original version in Korea. The following is the registration method for those who are interested:

First, create a QQ account, this is the chat software that Tencent released and it has English version, the attractive thing is that this account can be used for most online games in China not Tencent alone.

All you need to do is go to here and register nickname, password (follow the instructions), remember to select the area code and the phone number to receive activation messages from the system.

Next, go to the MapleStory 2 home page to download the installer and install it on your computer. Go to here and select the image on the left.

Once downloaded, proceed with the installation, notice that the language is set to Chinese PRC so that the system recognizes the character as well as allows installation.

One last step when playing MapleStory 2 Chinese Edition is that you will need to have a Chinese ID to activate the account. Gamers can find names and numbers at, although they are randomly generated but still usable.


Developer: Nexon.

Link homepage

2. Fortnite Battle Royale

On September 26th, Fortnite(a shooter and survival game)launched a new game mode called “Battle Royale”. The special feature of this game mode is that it will allow you to participate in a life-and-death arena (identical to the mechanism of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds).

In addition, Epic Games also excels in allowing gamers to experience their products for free without paying any fees. This is the key to turning Fortnite Battle Royale into a true competitor of PUBG.

According to some gamers, this game requires a very light configuration, smooth running and the initial feel is quite good, players not only play shoots together to find the last way to survive the battle like “PUBG” but also can cut trees, build houses as a basis, relatively interesting. Overall, for shooters and survival lovers, Fortnite: Battle Royale is indeed one of the most exciting names in this time.

Developer: Epic Games.

Link home page

3. Ultima Online

After a very long operating time of up to 20 years, the MMORPG Ultima Online recently announced a new option that allows gamers to play for free (birthday 20 years old). Of course, the whole game does not turn into free to play but only a separate mode!

UltimaOnline’s free-to-play mode is called The Endless Journey and is for pre-existing accounts. This is almost an unlimited play of this game with some basic features of the new version, in order to attract old players back to the virtual world. Anyway, this is also an opportunity for many gamers to approach this classic game.

Ultima Online comes from the idea of a legend in the gaming industry, Richard Garriot with the desire to create a mythical world that thousands of people can play together at once. Of course it is nothing compared to the present, but it is the source of all!

At the time, there were some games that allowed about 100 people to play at a time like TheRealm Online, Neverwinter Nights (AOL) and Meridian 59. However, Ultima Online was more focused on graphics and gameplay so it has made a big breakthrough. In order to continue developing this game, in 2007, EA upgraded the old graphics from 2D to 3D in the Kingdom of Reborn version.

Developer: EA.

Link home page

4. Duel of Summoners

Duel of Summoners is actually a product developed from the famous online card game Mabinogi Duel from mobile with some similarities but still have very interesting differences. This game has both single player and online multiplayer options for gamers. However, people will definitely love the turn-based 5-lane style and the gorgeous images in the game.

The most exciting part of the Duel of Summoners is that players will be compared to other players in PvP Arena mode, where your strategy is the key to winning. The attraction of the game is that you will not pick cards like many other online card games so absolutely no luck factor. From the beginning the player will always hold 12 cards in the deck in hand and need to choose wisely to master his opponent.

Duel of Summoners still has its own unique card game, which is that you will have to fight hard everywhere to find and own new cards, add to your collection. Then build up your own tactics or effective ways to defeat opponents.

Developer: Nexon.

Link home page

5. Nostale

The Nostalgic world is a series of stories related to exciting adventures, associated with mental activities. Background of the story takes place east of the beautiful continent of Europe. Peace in Nostale is rare and unique compared to other games, you will live in a wonderful continent on Earth.

A world in which love between human beings is tied together more firmly than ever, it will be a place for you to forge relationships, have friends that are hard to find in real life. In the midst of an exciting animated world, friendships are created and maintained over time, the main message that players can easily feel when entering the Nostale world.

Players will be selected one of the three classes are Swords, Archers and Masters, although quite a few but do not hurry because there are 28 combinations as well as changes to your choice. In addition, we can find many other interesting features in NosTale such as pets feature, build houses to invite friends to the party.

Developer: GameForge.

Link home page:

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