Medieval II: Total War console commands.

Medieval II: Total War console commands.

  12 Apr 2018

Today we will discuss about the Medieval II: Total War and how to unlock all factions for PC. This is a game of turn-based strategic rounds and real-time tactically – oriented battles. The game is set between the years 1080 and 1530.It focuses on medieval warfare, religion and politics in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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How to play:

The game consists of two modes of play: battles and single-player Battles can be played in multiplayer, in user-defined scenarios, or in historical scenarios which simulate real battles such as the Battle of Arsuf or the Battle of Agincourt. Battles are also featured in the campaign.

Find this directory:

Medieval II Total War\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign

Then find the file descr_strat. Open it with a text editor (Word, or somthing like that). Cut and Paste the ‘unlockable’ section into the ‘playable’ section and save the file. Launch the game and you should have every faction available.

You can also unlock the Papal Estates, but not the Mongols, Timurids and The Aztecs.

Remember to make BACKUPS before you are editing the game files!!!!

1. Detailed Codes for Several Console Commands:

Push ~ to access the console. As described above, the “give_trait” command works with several different traits to add to a specific character. In order for this to work, you must have the character selected and outside of a town. It works like:

give_trait this TRAITNAME #

Below is a list of TRAITNAMES and the maximum number you can put after to determine the level of the trait. These are a list of the most beneficial traits, message me if you want me to post the more obscure ones.

Effect Effect

PoliticsSkill 3 – loyalty, + authority

Loyal 3 +Chivalry,Loyalty

Brave 3 +morale

Intelligent 3 Increased Command, Income

MathematicsSkill 3 Increased Income

GoodAdministrator 3 Increased Law, Trade Income

GoodMiner 3 Increased Mining Income

GoodTrader 3 Increased Trade Income

FathersLegacy 3 Increases Authority

VictorVirtue 3 Increases Chivalry

BattleChivalry 5 Increases Chivalry

NaturalMilitarySkill 3 Increases Command

GoodInfantryGeneral 1 Increases command skill (situational)

GoodCavalryGeneral 1 Increases command skill (situational)

GoodAmbusher 5 Increases command skill (situational)

GoodAttacker 5 Increases command skill (situational)

GoodDefender 5 Increases command skill (situational)

GoodCommander 5 Increases command skill.

BattleDread 4 Increases Dread

Energetic 3 Increases Movement Points

HighPersonalSecurity 3 Increases Peraonal Security

PublicFaith 4 Increases Piety

HaleAndHearty 3 More kids, increased general’s hitpoints

Contributed by: shadowmoonboy, Toomin22

2. Additional traits and ancillaries for Spies and Assassins:

Same method of selecting the unit with cursor and opening console. These can be used on either unit but some are only useful on one or the other.

Effect Effect

AssassinsGuildTrained 1/ ThievesGuildTrained 1 + 1 agent skill

AssassinsGuildMember 1/ ThievesGuildMember 1 + 1 agent skill

accomplice + 1 agent skill

monkey + 1 agent skill

false_documents + 1 agent skill

beguiling_bard + 1 agent skill, + 1 personal security

pickpocket + 1 agent skill, +1 line of sight

handgun + 1 assasination, +2 law (improves public order)

explosives + 1 sabotage

spyglass + 2 line of sight

NaturalSpySkill 1-3 / NaturalAssassinSkill 1-3 +1-3 agent skill

Contributed by: d3sP0iL3r

3. Special Ancillaries and Traits for Priests:

Select the priest unit to effect with the cursor and open console with ~ key. Using : give_trait this : the words should be together in a string with each separate word starting with a uppercase ex. PriestLevel # . Using : give_ancillary this : the words should be lowercase and separated by a _ ex. choir_boy. Some traits only have a certain level so exceeding it will null, also if you use the high end of the scale it can change your units name or have some negative effects.

Effect Effect

Purifier 1-3 + piety, +eligibility +purity +violence

TouchedByTheGods 1-3 ++piety

witch_hunter / deacon / librarian +1 piety

monk +1 piety -1 purity

nun +1 piety -1 violence

zealous_disciple +1 piety, +1 personal security

paladin +1 security, +1 purity, +1 violence

NaturalPriestLevel 1-3 +piety

StrongFaith 1-4 and/or PublicFaith 1-4 +piety

PriestLevel 1-2 1 = bishop 2 = cardinal

Contributed by: d3sP0iL3r

4. Merchant Ancillaries and Traits:

Select unit with cursor/pointer, than open console with ~ key. Syntax should be give_trait this or give_ancillary this.

Effect Effect

MerchantsGuildMember 1/ MerchantsGuildTrained 1 +1 finance

counterfeiter +1 finance

trick_abacus +1 finance

merchant_clerk +1 finance

WorldlyMerchant 1-2 +1-2 finance

SecureMerchant 1-2 +1-2 finance (and more resistant to asset seizure)

LegalDealer 1-2 +1-2 finance (and more resistant to asset seizure)

NaturalMerchantSkill 1-3 +1-3 finance

Monopolist 1-3 +1-3 finance (+3 gives a -1 personal security)

GoodMerchant 1-4 +1-4 finance

Contributed by: d3sP0iL3r

5. Giving Ancillaries and Traits to Apies/Assassins:

As mentioned above, enter the console with the ~ key.

This is a list of the various ancillaries (retinue members) that can be added with the give_ancillary command. This code requires you to have the character that you wish to modify selected, as well.

give_ancillary this ANCILLARYNAME

Below is a list of ancillaries (with their ANCILLARYNAME) that can be given to Spies and/or Assassins

NOTE: For the ones marked “TRAIT”, use the command:

give_trait this TRAITNAME #

Instead to give the agent the specified trait (capitalization matters). Read my above post on traits for more information.

Effect Effect

catamite +1 to agent’s skill

courtesan +1 to agent’s skill

pickpocket +1 to agent’s skill

dancer +2 to agent’s skill

GoodSaboteur 3 TRAIT +1-3 to assassin’s saboteur skill

GoodAssassin 5 TRAIT +1-5 to assassin’s skill

GoodSpy 5 TRAIT +1-5 to spy’s skill

Contributed by: Toomin22

6. Adding Ancillaries to Generals:

As mentioned above, enter the console with the ~ key.

This is a list of the various ancillaries (retinue members) that can be added with the give_ancillary command. This code requires you to have the character that you wish to modify selected, as well.

give_ancillary this ANCILLARYNAME

Below is a list of ancillaries (with their ANCILLARYNAME) that can be given to GENERALS

Effect Effect

drillmaster +25% movement, unit recruitment discounted

brilliant_inventor +30 build points, +1 farming, 20% bonus on mining income

scribe_ancillary Adds Authority, Income Bonuses

bard Adds Morale, Popularity

doctor Have more kids, improves casualty recovery chance.

apothecary Have more kids.

mentor Increases Command

shieldbearer Increases Hit Points, Lowers Morale

swordbearer Increases Hit Points, Personal Security

bodyguard Increases Peraonal Security, Decreases Popularity

foodtaster Increases Personal Security

tutor Increases Piety, Trade Income

Contributed by: Toomin22

7. Cheating made simple =)

Open the cheat console by pressing the tilde key (~) and type in any of the following codes. Capitalization is important. For names with spaces in them use “_______ ________” (underspaces are for desired name) For the most part, if you find some of these cheats aren’t working do remember to try capitalizing, removing certain things like opt : and <>

Effect Effect

add_population _____ # Add population to desired city (note: for city’s with two or more spaces use quotation marks [“])

test_ancillary_localisation adds all ancillary to the character info display

add_money # Adds desired quantity of money to your faction. 40K per number of times you enter the code.

jericho and the walls came a-tumblin’ down

create_mission <sent_faction><mission_id> Attempt to create and add a mission to the specified faction

date <year> changes the campaign date to the given year

clear_messages Clear all the current stacked messages

process_cq _______ Completes all (possible) construction pending in queue

process_rq _______ Completes all (possible) recruitment pending in queue

diplomacy_mission <ai_faction><target_faction><mission_type><opt:mission_target> creates a diplomacy mission

create_unit <settlement/character_name><unit_id><opt:how_many><opt:exp/armour/weapon> creates one or more units of the specified type

capabilities <settlement_name> details of the current recruitment capabilities of a settlesment.

recruitment_pool <settlement_name> details of the current recruitment pool of a settlement

diplomacy_costs <receiving_faction><proposing_faction><opt:target_faction><opt:settlement_name><opt:payment_amount><opt:payment_years> displays a list of raw and perceived diplomacy items costs from the perspective of the receiving faction.

capture_settlement <settlement name> evicts current resident and gives to player.

force_battle_victory <opt:capture_percent> forces the local player’s alliance to win the battle, completely destroying the enemy alliance or optionally capturing a percentage of the enemy allia

force_diplomacy <accept/decline/off> Forces the negotiator to accept or decline a proposition

give_ancillary this ______ gives the character an ancillary

mp <charactername><amount> gives the character movement points

give_trait_points <charactername><trait name><points> gives the character points for trait

invulnerable_general <character_name> Invulnerble General (cannot be beat in battle)

list_ancillaries Lists all Ancillaries

list_units <character/settlement name> lists all of the units in an army, with details.

list_characters <opt:faction_type> lists all the characters in the world or those belonging to a faction

list_traits Lists all traits

move_character <name><x>,<y> moves named character to position on campaign map

remove_ancillary this ______ removes ancillary from the character

character_reset resets the character back to it’s start of turn settings

bestbuy sells units cheaper

diplomatic_stance <faction_a><faction_b><allied/neutral/war> Set the diplomatic stance between the two factions (factions must be different)

show_all_messages Show all messages to all factions (on/off)

show_cursorstat shows the cursor position and region id

show_landings <opt:cursor/region_id> shows the landing positions available to the ai from a given region, default hides them

auto_win attacker/defender (depending on circumstance) the attacker or defender wins the next autoresolved battle

oliphaunt the biggest around

toggle_perfect_spy toggles everyone’s perfect spying ability.

toggle_fow toggles the fog of war on or off

upgrade_settlement <settlement name> upgrade settlement level

Contributed by: Death_Master911

8. Console codes:

Press the tilde (~) key and enter these codes to use them. All codes are case sensitive. Make sure to capitalize family member names, settlement names, and anything else that needs capitalizing or else it will not work.

Effect Effect

character_reset Allows a character to move again. Does not always work

add_population “settlement name” “amount” Allows you to give a city more population automatically.

give_trait this “trait” “level number” Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general.

process_cq “settlement name” Anything in the city’s building queue will be built automatically.

add_money “amount” Gives you the specific amount of gold.

show_cursorstat Shows coordinates under mousecursor in format x,y

toggle_fow Toggles on or off the fog of war. You can see the whole world map when inputted.

auto_win “attacker/defender” When at the battle scroll, input this code in, attacker if attacking, defender if defending and press auto retaliate button. Automatically wins.

move_character z x,y z=name of settlement or unit without title (except Captain). x,y=coords

Contributed by: Anteok, ssj18vegeta, wjeder

9. Create a Unit:

Use the console to enter the following

create_unit “settlement or character” “unit ID” “amount (1-5)” “experience (1-9)” “armor (1-3)” “weapon (1-3)”

Example –

creat_unit “London” Longbowmen 2 9 3 3

^The above code will create 2 units of Longbowmen in London with 3 Gold Chevrons, Level 3 armor and Level 3 weapon

Effect Effect

create_unit “settlement or character” “unit ID” “amount (1-5)” “experience (1-9)” “armor (1-3)” “weapon (1-3)” Creates Unit at any settlement/general you like

Contributed by: P1r8te

10. Adding Units to Stacks:

Just pick a city or any unit as if moving it and just open console and simple type george or any of those on this list and hit enter to get the following units

Effect Effect

rogan Elephant Artillery

vindaloo Elephant Rocketeer

madras Elephants

istanbul Mercenary Monster Bombard

george Mercenary Monster Ribault

houston Mercenary Rocket Launcher


To sum up, Medieval 2 is fantastic strategy game–there’s just so much here to take up a lot of time. While, you’ll need to be committed to get through the campaign, as it can occupy you for hours. If you’re a strategy fan looking for achallenging experience, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up Medieval 2’s rich historical texture, popular setting, beautiful visuals, and deep gameplay.

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