8 quality games with no age.

8 quality games with no age.

  12 Apr 2018

Unlike the rest of the game industry, some video games are released to become a timeless masterpiece. The game designer has pulled out all the lot, how to play, graphics, how to build character together…. we can say it’s not too beautiful or apply the latest graphic design but still have the attraction to keep the player playing more and more. “They are often associated with the term “timeless”, not subject to the influence of time. Regardless of how much the game industry has progressed, these are always worth playing for everyone.

Here are 8 examples of games that were gorgeous when they came out, and haven’t aged a bit since:

1. Super Mario World

Considered to be the game platformer for the best 2D graphics of all time, Super Mario World is the best game of the Mario series. The game has simple controls, unique but amazingly interesting design, combined with the unique challenges that always surprise players.

Although the graphics and character building style is a little old fashioned and not popular yet few people dare judge the art style or quality of the background music of this product. For those who used to play this game when they were young, it always reminded them of their childhood memories.

If you have not experienced, Super Mario World is the game is always recommended to download, even a version of the emulator on the PC, as soon as possible. Some experts also suggest that if the family has small children, this is extremely suitable game that helps nurture the spirit and enrich the imagination of children.

2. Borderlands 2

Released in 2012, this role-playing shooting game is very difficult to match the game of the same category at that time. Because it has a style of design and character construction, the environment, the storyline is really different, unique and beautiful.

The world in this game was created perfectly, according to reviews of the world’s leading game news. The plot of the game is a lot of humor, especially the villains. Many experts say that if Borderlands 2 is still too new to be considered a classic game, no one doubts that it will continue to be a role model, even monument to look at and study for many years to come.

3. BioShock

The plot of this game is very tempting, as the producer wraps up an interesting story about utopian concepts in a city deep down the ocean. The gameplay is fun and subtle, the protagonist is possessed of supernatural powers that are designed to fight evil and survive, in the midst of a strange atmosphere and terrifying enemies.

Gamers are led into the maze of a complex story with a huge knot, to understand the concept of the world of heaven, the danger of the human nature. Surprisingly, despite the fact that it has been rolling out for almost 10 years (August 2007), the graphics of the game are still not too much compared to the new blockbuster games released recently.

4. Galaga

Many people call this game “easy peasy” game, the classic console. Simple but fun, the developer has created a game that has a great balance of difficulty, making it never difficult for newbies but not easy for experienced gamers.

With its fast paced and iconic image, the art style of the game has inspired many ideas. Many Galaga game consoles still exist in the department centers, cinemas around the world.

5. Fallout 3

This game of Bethesda is a pioneering action role-playing game. The game creates a vast but isolated world, with a complex occupational system, a complex system of causation for lovers of loneliness and freedom. Although the graphics are no longer “standard”, other aspects of Fallout 3 are still enough to offset.

And the most remarkable point is the game brings complete concept of the “post-apocalyptic” world, with real and extremely specific experiences. The Fallout 4 was released seven years later, and was not even featured in the predecessor.

6. Super Smash Bros. Melee

This is really a “no age” game, because it was released in 2001 and after more than a decade, many people are still fascinated with the characters and experiences it brings, regardless of age. Fighting style, but the game attract players by the fun of the battle.

Many experts in the industry are still amazed by how easy control of the character with the details and meticulous in the physical system of this pretty old game.

7. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is the most famous shooter game in the world and Modern Warfare is the best version of the series. The game is so complete that it does not need to be updated or reworked, in any form. The gameplay is quite engaging, while the graphics are not the best by today’s standards but still very eye catching.

However, the highlight of it is the mechanism of the multiplayer game standard (multiplayer), which has created a revolution in the first-line shooter in general.

8. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Launched in 1997, when the gaming industry was still considered a primitive, the role-playing game had graphics that were considered “bad” if it was present at the time. But, besides that, there’s nothing to blame on it from the art style, the music, the overall design to the plot.

This game has an interesting layout (a castle) and is unlike any other game of the same genre. Cheerful, difficult, challenging and useful knowledge is slowly opening up in a systematic manner that causes the player to become entangled and unable to escape until the end.


Each game has their own strategy to keep the players still going until now. We hope you enjoy the review and find it useful. But it’s far from complete. Let us know what some of your favorite timeless game visuals are!

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