16 great websites that provide free graphics for Game developers

16 great websites that provide free graphics for Game developers

  12 Apr 2018

One of the easiest ways to make your game … cannot be sold is to design it in monotonous, poorly. So game developers – especially independent game developers – are interested in finding quality visual, design, audio resources that they can use in their games.Having no budget to buy high-end, expensive assets does not mean your game has to use cheap and ugly assets.

Remember that the game is so good and attractive, using the ugly, monotonous graphics will make them lose the impression to the user when they first look at it, and they probably will not read the description of the game and leave it. That is why free resource sites are created, whether they are developed by individuals or organizations, they have a common ideal: “I hope that thanks to what I offer it will help nurture the next generation of developers and game designers. By removing the little barriers like graphics and design, it would probably encourage some people to stop dreaming and embark on creating games, “said Daniel Cook, founder of Lost Garden.”

Today’s Internet is full of free resources with good quality so you can use and create your great game. So if you do not have the funds to hire an artist or buy high-end graphics, you can read this article, maybe there are content that suits your game requirements.

1. Kenney.nl

The first site I would like to introduce to you in this article is Kenney.nl

Kenney.nl is based in the Netherlands and is a producer of some great assets for game developers. There are some pretty good free assets on this site and you can do whatever you want with them. The free graphics can be browsed by category, so you can find what game you need very quickly. Kenney.nl also offers free sound and game sources, which can be quite helpful to some.

Link download: http://kenney.nl/

2. OpenGameArt.org

Second place in this article belongs to OpenGameArt. org. This is also a pretty good site for anyone looking for free graphics for their games. OpenGameArt.org is a great site that offers all kinds of graphics and even provides audio for game developers. It can be browsed by category and all you need will be displayed clearly. In addition to providing 2D and 3D elements, it is also a very active forum with a lot of participants sharing. Websites are constantly updated with content and are ranked from users so you can find the most popular graphics of the month or go find some lesser graphics used to create unique products.

Link download: https://opengameart.org/

3. Untamed.wild-refuge.net

Untamed.wild-refuge.net is also a very useful site for you, this is also the site in the third position in the article. This site is a resource for anyone looking to create an RPG for themselves. This page is a collection of free image assets that you can download and use. The strong point of this site is the huge collection of 2D – game – spritesa that you can browse all on the same page. Clicking on a character you want will take you to a web page where you can download an image sheet .png of a character from every angle, it’s perfect for creating your own sprites!

Link download: http://untamed.wild-refuge.net/rpgxp.php

4. Crateboy.itch.io

Coming to the 4th site, I would like to introduce you to Crateboy.itch.io.

Crateboy brings you a collection of audio and visual assets. The best part of this collection is the 8 bit resource files of the cities. Crateboy ads that will have enough 16 × 16 boxes to let you build an entire city. These are really great works and all that Crateboy requires is to credit him in your game.

Link download: https://crateboy.itch.io/crateboy-2007-2014

5. Bagfullofwrong.co.uk

This fifth place, I think, is something that is familiar to everyone, it is Bagfullofwrongco.uk.

Some of you will recognize this site belongs to indie game designer Robert D. Fearon, who created games like Synso, War Twat, and Fish Fish Bang Bang. MrFearon is willing to allow other developers to use his assets in their games. In addition to the sprites for the character, he also provides other nice assets.

Link download: http://www.bagfullofwrong.co.uk/bagfullofwords

6. Gameart2d.com

The sixth place in this article is the website: Gameart2d.com.

com is a site with some great visual assets. This site is run by ZuhiraAlfitra or pzUH. He is a game developer in Indonesia and he has created some pretty amazing graphics. Most of the assets on this site are for sale but there is a free area where you will find the pictures just as shown above. Just like the sprites, there are also some tile sets, asset GUI and some other. They are also free.

Link download: http://www.gameart2d.com/freebies.html

7. Wigdetworx.com

7 in this article, I would like to share with you page Wigdetworx.com. If you need some sprites for your game, you should check out this site. Wigdetworx.com is a great collection of sprites. Although it is not a huge collection of sprites in this list, it will have something great here for some people. The package includes lots of scenery and characters in the 2d games. All you need is a click to download. So why not browse through this site, maybe there will be something you can use.

Link download: https://www.widgetworx.com/

8. Glitchthegame.com

Glitchthegame.com is the 8th site that I would like to introduce to you. Some readers will know that Glitch is a collaboration site with lots of games. It was closed in 2012 after two years online, its game developers have decided to release all assets to the community. There are over 10,000 assets available for download and all are of great quality. If you are looking for graphics, you are very lucky that you can download all in one package with just one click and easily navigate through them while you are offline.

Link download: http://www.glitchthegame.com/public-domain-game-art/

9. Dumbanex.com

The 9th place I would recommend to you in this article is Dumbanex.com.

Dumbanex.com com is a site that has created some really great artworks for game developers. They are all free to use as long as you credit them somewhere in your game. There is a really big collection of tile sets and spritesand you can download many of them quickly in “.zip” format. This site is developed by Brent Anderson, a freelance game designer and developer. These graphics are perfect for a sidesroller or platformer game.

Link download: http://www.dumbmanex.com/bynd_freestuff.html

10. Reinerstilesets.de

At # 10, take a quick look at Reinerstilesets.de. This is a site with lots of free assets for game developers run by Reiner “Tiles” Prokein. Reiner himself is also a developer who has created some games. When he began to develop, he could not find the graphics he wanted, so he created them for himself. Since then, he has shared them and all is free with you. He also selects 2D and 3D images as well as some great tutorials.

Link download: http://www.reinerstilesets.de/

11. Sharecg.com

The 11th place I will introduce is Sharecg.com. Sharecg.com is primarily a site for artists upload and share their works. It is really worth looking at if you are looking for 3D or 2D art or if you want to find an artist to work with in some new ideas. “The art” is licensed under many different terms so it is important to make sure that you can use them freely before you put them into your game. There are some really great works featured on this site and you can also find tutorials, audio and software to use.

Link download: http://www.sharecg.com/

12. Roenica.com

Ranked 12th in the list of great websites that provide free graphics for Game developers of this article is Roenica.com.This is a pretty cool site for game developers because it has quite a lot of free graphics for developers. Assets are split by game theme and can be downloaded as .zip file. The artwork on this site has been created by so many artists so the license can be changed, but roenica.com says that all the details have been clarified in the .zip file. Roenica has both 2D and 3D graphics so there will be something useful here for everyone.

Link download: http://www.roencia.com/index.html

13. Blogoscoped.com

The 13th is com.This site in our list is actually a blog site. In 2006, “Philip Lenssen” posted a big collection of nearly 700 game – sprites for you to use under the Creative Commons License. Sprites are all characters from a game he has created called ‘Last Guardian’. If you are creating something similar then you should check out this site.

Link download: http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2006-08-08-n51.html

14. Lostgarden.com

At number 14, I would like to introduce you to com.Lostgarden.com is a little different from most other sites in this article. This is the blog of Daniel Cook, a game designer working for Spry Fox. Daniel spends a portion of his blog on gaming assets and he also updates free assets for developers for a while. This site is also home to some great essays on general game design and it will definitely be worth looking at.

Link download: http://www.lostgarden.com/search/labe


15. Subtlepatterns.com

The 15th place in today’s article that I want to introduce to all of you is com.

com offers one of the most beautiful works in all of the sites listed in this article. This site is operated by Atle Mo. Atle Mohimself built all of these models free to everyone under a “Creative – Commons” license, so all we have to do is credit him for using the model in our project. There is a lot of content on this site and all are pretty. These models can be great backgrounds or even be used in game levels.

Link download: https://www.toptal.com/designers/subtlepatterns/

16. Openclipart.org

And the last site I will introduce here is Openclipart.org.The great thing about this site is that all of the assets they share are completely free to use. Openclipart.org is a great community dedicated to sharing art free for everyone. There are some really great clipart on this site. Another great feature of this site is that you can make requests to the artists to get the asset you desire.

Link download: https://openclipart.org/


  • Finally, here is what I want to say to you:
  • List is just a narrow understanding of a person, out there a lot of other pages may be better.
  • Not all free stuff is good, but there will be great things, and you need to spend a little effort to find it.
  • Some people ask for them in the credits section of the game, some do not. So you have to find out what they want to avoid problems.
  • If you use game engines, most of them will have their own asset store. Although free assets are not much, it is better to browse through them.

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