Top 10 Best Backup-Data Software for PC – Dropbox

In order to limit data loss, you should back up important data to recover from problems such as power outages and virus attacks. However, to choose the best data backup software is not easy if you have not used it before. So, the Top 10 Best Data Backup Software for PCs below will give you the best software for you to backup your data in the safest way.

The software I introduced to you in this article was published by the prestigious technology magazine Top Ten Data Backup Software for PC today based on the votes of users in the world. Let’s take a look at these softwares.

I. Top 10 Best Backup-Data Software for PC

1. Acronis-True-Image

Helps computer users quickly and easily back up their data and restore them at a glance. Acronis True Image allows you to create and restore online backups through cloud-computing, search for backups, set up backups periodically. You can restore your computer state via booting as USB.

Link Acronis-True-Image



NovaBACKUP Professional automatically backs up your data in the fastest time, all your computer data can be backed up to devices such as hard disk, tape drive, USB drive, CD / DVD, Blu-Ray Discs. With NovaStor technology, you can restore data at any time.



3. EaseUS Todo Backup

Easeus Todo Backup Home provides easy and efficient backup and recovery solution. The program integrates algorithms to detailed instructions on how to back up or restore to a user. The software can also work with individual partitions and drives to save backup time.

Especially, Easeus Todo Backup Home can create a copy of the system partition to quickly launch in case of system crashes or hardware failure, restore the drive or partition after the virus attack, unstable due to strange applications, hard drives do not work…

Link Easeus Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup

4. AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper helps you back up your stored data in different locations on your computer, backed up on partitions, on the drive or on your entire computer system. So, this software helps you to restore the data when the computer is damaged due to many different reasons and cannot be accessed in the usual way.

AOMEI Backupper helps you back up your data on many different types of drives such as IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD or removable media such as removable hard disk, USB, memory card, MBR, GTP , support for devices up to 2TB.

Link AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper

5. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect gives users the ability to create image files from hard drive for backup and restore whenever you need it. In particular, the software supports backup and recovery on almost all NTFS, FAT and other files, folders…

Mostly, Macrium Reflect offers an advanced feature that allows you to back up data right in Windows mode while still using other applications on your computer to work. Macrium Reflect supports you to create disk image files in safe and efficient Windows mode by using VSS.

Link Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect

6. Genie Backup Manager

Genie Backup Manager Home supports backing up common data such as photos, media, emails, personal files and folders quickly and accurately. The program will store the backup in a secure repository so that it is ready to be restored whenever the user needs it. The smart filter of the application allows you to add or remove specific files at your own discretion.

This software has very high data security features. All backups are 128-bit AES encrypted before storage, ensuring extremely secure data.

Link Genie Backup Manager

Genie Backup Manager

7. Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery Home allows you to manage all the data in your computer hard drive, the software can easily create a copy of the drive, including the operating system, you can put a star image saved in hard drive in secure mode, in addition the program allows to restore data anytime.

Link Paragon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Backup & Recovery

8. Backup4all

Backup4all Standard is a data backup software for Windows of Softland company with the function of protecting your data from loss by automated tasks, Backup4all is a backup software that provides unique functionality to track versions of the file. You can restore all previous state of the file directly from the main window. You can back up to DVD and CD. It allows you to back up files from NTFS partition in Windows XP / 2003 Server.

Link Backup4all


9. NTI Backup Now

NTI Backup Now is a software that provides the ability to back up and restore all your computer data in case of data loss, deletion etc. The software does not take up much memory and CPU. This software works fast, backup time only takes a few minutes.

Link NTI Backup Now

NTI Backup Now

10. O&O DiskImage

O&O DiskImage performs the copying of all data on the computer, even when the computer is being used. The software allows you to back up your data to a safe place to prevent the virus from infiltrating and can restore data at any time when your computer is experiencing problems.

Link O&O DiskImage

O&O DiskImage

II. Dropbox

Dropbox is a backup service, online data storage with real-time synchronization and automatic backup, free initial support 2GB of online storage (and an additional 500MB if you introducing others). With this software you can get documents anywhere, on any device that can be online even a Smartphone. With this feature you do not worry about lost documents when your computer crashes, all backed up on a network drive, you just need to set DROPBOX, the document will automatically sync (download) without doing any action.


Put your files into Dropbox on a computer and instantly, they will appear on any other computers that have your Dropbox installed (Windows, Mac, and Linux). These files will be copied and stored on the secure servers, so you can also access them from any computer or other mobile device (Phone, PC tables …) through your Dropbox site.

Link Dropbox

1. With Dropbox, your files are always synchronized

Let’s say you are editing a document at home. As soon as you click on the “Save” button. Dropbox will synchronize that document with your other computers quickly and automatically. Dropbox gives you the comfort to work on any of your computers and always has the files you need.

Typical features:

  • Dropbox allows you to synchronize the data stored online with your computer.
  • 2GB of free online storage when you sign up for an account, 100GB of online storage for paid customers.
  • Synchronize all genres and sizes of files
  • Synchronization for computers running Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Auto-sync when changes are detected
  • Work with files on your Dropbox even when you are offline. Your data will be synchronized as soon as the Internet connection is reset
  • Effective Synchronization – When there is a change, Dropbox will only synchronize the changed, not synchronize all data – saving you time.
  • Do not encroach too much on your internet connection bandwidth, you can adjust the bandwidth limit manually

2. Dropbox allows you to share files easily

You can easily share entire folders or albums of your photos. Just place the folders you want to share into your Dropbox and then send them an e-mail inviting the people you want to share the folder with. You can also send links of those files in your Dropbox. Dropbox will be perfect for projects that need teamwork.

Typical features:

  • Share your files in the simplest way and complete them with just a few clicks.
  • Shared folders allow some people to collaboratively use the files in that folder.
  • You can immediately see the change of the files by other people “make it change”.
  • A “Public” folder allows you to link directly to the files in your Dropbox.
  • Control who can access Shared folders (including the ability to remove that person and remove shared files from their computer).
  • Automatically create online photo galleries from the image folder in your Dropbox.

3. With Dropbox, online backups are automatic

Any files that you put into the Dropbox folder will be automatically backed up to the server. Even if your computer is damaged, your data will still be stored safely on Dropbox and can be recovered at any time you want.

Typical features:

  • Dropbox backups your online files without you having to think about it.
  • Automatically back up your files.
  • Recovers files and deleted items.
  • Restore previous versions of your files.
  • 30 days to go back to history, not limited to paid accounts. (Every time you save a file into Dropbox, Dropbox synchronizes it with their secure server. Dropbox keeps a history of the changes you make so that you can undo any mistakes and even get back the deleted files. By default, Dropbox keeps 30 days of history for all your files. Dopbox also has an unlimited undo option called “Pack-rat”).


4. Connect to the web (Web version)

Dropbox also supports users on the web with features not inferior version client. The following are typical features of the web version:

  • A copy of your files will be stored at Dropbox’s secure server. This allows you to access them from any computer or other mobile device with ease.
  • Work with the same file as you are working on your computer – edit, delete, rename, move …
  • Supported file search box on Dropbox.
  • “Recent Events” allows you to keep track of the most recent activity on your Dropbox.
  • Create shared folders and invite people around to use it.
  • Restore previous versions of files or deleted files.
  • View online photo galleries that have been automatically created from photos in your Dropbox.

5. Safety & Security

Dropbox ensures the security and confidentiality of your files.

Typical features:

  • The shared folder will only be viewable when you are invited to use it.
  • All data transfer and metadata will be implemented in an encrypted channel (SSL).
  • All files stored on Dropbox servers will be encrypted (AES-256) and inaccessible without your password.
  • Dropbox’s web site and software are well protected against attacks from hackers.
  • Dropbox employees cannot view any of the files of the user.
  • Online connection to your files requires your username and password.
  • The “Public” file is only viewable by people with the link of that file.
  • The “Public” folder is not browsable or found by search engines.

6. Connect mobile devices

The free Dropbox app for iPhone, iPad, and Android allows you to:

  • Access your Dropbox.
  • View files in the application.
  • Upload files for offline viewing.
  • Take photos and videos and synchronize them with your Dropbox.
  • Share the links and files contained in your Dropbox.
  • Export your files to other applications.
  • Synchronize downloaded files so they are updated.


We have shared the Top 10 Data Backup Software for PCs that are highly rated today, so you can choose the right software to back up and restore your important data. And do not forget to try “Dropbox”, a very useful software that I have shared above!

Top 10 best free antivirus software of 2017.

Security software helps protect your data and privacy from potential threats. In today’s article, I will introduce you to 10 free antivirus software rated as best of 2017.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a software with fast virus definition and an easy-to-use interface. In addition, the software also includes automatic virus scanning. Extremely powerful anti-virus protection, real-time PC protection, and detection and prevention of viruses trying to infiltrate a user’s computer while online. In addition, it has the ability to prevent users from accessing malicious Web sites, blocking internet virus threats, trojan killers, and roockit.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Link Download

2. Avast Free Antivirus

The advantage of this software is excellent virus removal capabilities, good password management. The latest version of Avast Free Antivirus provides a new Auto Game mode that will pause all Windows and Avast notifications to give users maximum processing power and speed for their games. The software also helps users manage passwords, just remember the password, and Avast Passwords will handle the rest, on any device, for free.

Avast Free Antivirus

Link Download

3. Sophos Home

This is the perfect choice to protect your personal computer. Sophos Home is not only free personal antivirus software but it is also more suitable for home use, because it can protect up to 10 PCs.

You get the standard anti-virus feature, along with browser tools like anti-phishing and most importantly, content control. Combined with up to 10 PCs, it means you can effectively block your child’s browsing options.

Sophos Home

Link Download

4. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus can destroy 99.7% of threats and it does not become a burden on your hardware. This is one of the best free anti-virus packages in 2017. It has a friendly interface, effective virus removal capabilities, ensuring secure online transactions, avoiding spyware, removing adware.

Avira Free Antivirus

Link Download

5. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus software is capable of detecting viruses quickly, integrating malware scanners. With real-time security updates, AVG Free AntiVirus can scan for malware and other operational problems, and even detect dangerous data before it enters the computer.

AVG Antivirus Free

Link Download

6. Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Free Antivirus works gently and has a simple user interface. This free antivirus software is based on the cloud platform to quickly detect potential viruses from the internet as well as spread viruses from external devices to help prevent the virus from infiltrating the computer. Ensuring the safety of the user’s information, as well as improving the performance of the system on the computer.

Panda Free Antivirus

Link Download

7. 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is the most widely used software. It provides the ability to kill viruses and malware while also safeguarding your online activities. When shopping online, downloading files, browsing websites, this software will protect you against criminals online at any time. In addition, 360 Total Security also supports system cleanup, which helps users to clean up junk files, help the computer regain performance, faster processing.

360 Total Security

Link Download

8. ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus is well designed, easy to use and this is your only option if you want to use the ZoneAlarm firewall along with any other anti-malware application other than Windows Defender.

360 Total Security

Link Download

9. Ad-Aware antivirus free 12

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus is one of the software programs that help users destroy the virus on the windows operating system, users can quickly remove programs and malicious code from the computer. In addition, it incorporates adware removal features, malicious software and identifies data theft, blocks harmful files before they penetrate the computer hard drive. Especially this software also supports the user to create shields, firewalls when browsing the web.

Ad-Aware antivirus free 12

Link Download

10. Comodo Free Antivirus

The superiority of this software in that it can easily adjust the level of security for your computer. The easy-to-use interface will allow users to set it up easily without any annoying ads. Comodo Free Antivirus helps prevent viruses and malware before they even access your computer, so make sure it’s not too late when the virus is blocked. It also has a gameplay mode, which prevents activities that may interfere with the user’s gaming experience.

Comodo Free Antivirus

Link Download


Top 4 Free Meeting Software Online.

Online meetings have become very popular in the world. However, in some countries, many businesses have not yet implemented. Partly because of the high cost of investment, but more important is the traditional meeting habits that are embedded in corporate culture. So, today I would like to introduce you to 4 online meeting software completely free. Businesses can try out their small team meetings to see how well they are doing before deciding to invest in larger systems.

1. Skype

Skype is a very popular software in the world. Skype allows texting, making free audio calls or video calls. In recent times, Skype has added features that allow group video calls to be made available in small online meetings.

a. How to use:

Because it’s so popular, Skype supports most platforms from Computer to Mobile, Tablet or even TVs, Xbox consoles. With a free account, you can use up to 100 hours per month, 10 hours per day and 4 hours per meeting. When exceeded by the time limit, your meeting will automatically switch to normal voice call mode.

Skype does not mention the maximum number of people that can participate in the meeting, but recommends users not to be meeting more than 5 people. In fact, this issue is very much dependent on the amount of people using Skype and international Internet access (due to Skype’s overseas server).

b. Performance:

On the quality of voice, I probably do not need to talk much, Skype uses the SILK codec developed by Skype itself for very good quality. In terms of image, Skype uses the open source codec VP8 developed by Google and H.264. These two standards are quite popular so it is no different from other software. Therefore, stability will be ensured.

2. Google Hangout

The second software I would like to introduce to you in today’s article is Google Hangout. This is a gadget that comes with Google plus. Users can immediately use their Gmail account to use. Extremely convenient and friendly.

a. How to use:

Google Hangouts can run live on the Chrome browser so you can use it with any type of computer. On mobile, Google Hangout supports two popular platforms, iOS and Android. Of course, since it’s a Google product, Google Hangouts runs best on Android devices.

Like most other Google services, Hangouts is free. With up to 10 people in Group Video Call calls, Hangouts can support most small online meetings. (The fact that free services rarely guarantee quality when meeting more than 5 people).

b. Performance:

Google has its own open source video encoder VP8. However, Google uses Vidyo’s proprietary codec. This is the new H.264-SVC standard technology for better “fixing bugs” and is able to adapt to low-quality lines such as 3G.

Image quality of Google Hangout is relatively good, especially in countries with poor Internet quality like some Asian countries. However, the software running as an add-in of Browser also has many limitations on features, as well as not fully exploit the performance of high-configuration computer.

3. TrueConf Online

TrueConf is a leading videoconferencing software provider in Russia. In line with the world’s cloud trend, TrueConf also offers its TrueConf Online service based on its TrueConf Server platform.

a. How to use:

TrueConf also supports most PC and mobile operating systems, and supports WebRTC on Chrome and Firefox browsers. TrueConf Online only allows up to 3 points free. You can extend up to 250 points, but of course you have to pay extra. TrueConf also allows users to download server software to manually install a dedicated video conferencing system.

TrueConf has 4 meeting modes for different purposes: picture call (resolution to fullHD), multi-point video conferencing, online class, virtual meeting room (4K resolution).

b. Performance:

TrueConf Online gives you very good picture quality. You may find it quite similar to Google Hangout. Because TrueConf also uses the H.264-SVC encoder on VP8. However, because of the service fee, the quality is guaranteed. If you are a business, need security and stability, you should install TrueConf on your own server and purchase one license.


Unlike current online conferencing software, VSEE is quite special when using a peer-to-peer connection model instead of a central server. The software on the user’s computer sends and receives images directly to each other.

a. How to use:

Theoretically, by using the peer-to-peer connection model, VSEE can extend unlimited number of meeting points. However, this depends a lot on your computer’s configuration. The computer itself must handle all the connections that can lead to overload if there are too many points involved. Another downside is that you cannot control the meeting, so it is suitable for workshops, team work.

VSEE does not currently support Linux. And for iOS, it only runs on the iPad, not the Iphone.

b. Performance:

Depending on computer configuration and transmission quality, VSEE will give very different quality. But overall with small groups of 4-5 people, the image quality is relatively good. VSEE does not release information about audio encoders as well as images, but it seems they write their own encoders.

Also, I would like to highlight the Top 10 Best Backup-Data Software for PC – Dropbox

The Best Free Software VPN Service in 2017

Today, anonymity and network security have become one of the greatest concerns for any Internet user (or company). There are many different dangers in the online world that are trying to access your system and steal personal information for the sake of their bad use.

The infiltration of private information makes many online users feel insecure online. Clearly, however, that is not entirely true. In addition to using antivirus software as well as many other ways to protect yourself from these dangers on the Internet so no one can monitor and steal data from you.

What is a VPN? VPN is a Virtual Private Network that is considered to be the best solution to ensure the security and privacy of users’ online access. So if you want to make sure no one is capturing the IP where you are using the network, then VPN software should definitely be the number one choice you have to use right away.

VPN software not only protects you from computer thieves and network spies, but can also access blocked content on the Internet at locations or countries that do not. For example, Facebook is blocked by some country’s network, but with the help of VPN, you can access Facebook easily without any problems.

Nowadays, there are a lot of VPN software being created that supports all kinds of platforms, just a few of which are free programs, and the rest are paid software. However, you do not have to worry about having to spend money to order to use VPN because in this article, i will introduce you to free VPN services in 2017.

1. Betternet

Link Betternet

The first name in this article that I would recommend is Betternet, one of the best free VPNs available today. Users will not have to pay any fees to use. You do not have to worry about anything, because you will not encounter intermittent ads, no speed limits, no registration and unlimited data. Everything about Betternet seems perfect.

Just download the VPN to start the experience to protect your precious and private data from data thieves and those who wish to steal other information. Like its name, Betternet actually makes internet access better and safer for everyone. Betternet is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and has extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. What a great software right?


2. proXPN VPN

Link proXPN VPN

The second name we want to introduce in this article is the proXPN VPN software. The software ensures that the user’s Internet connection is kept away from those who wish to steal information or files from the network or to locate you correctly.

This software allows you to access all the sites around the world, regardless of where you are. proXPN provides users with a free basic account that includes features that protect the privacy and personal data of users. All applications and software connected via the internet will be secured thanks to proXPN. You will feel secure and safe when using this software.

However, the limitation of the free account of this software is that you are limited to a few locations in the US. The speed of access through your VPN is also limited to 300 Kbps. However, users of the premium version can access at a much faster speed and have no limited “location” access around the world. ProXPN is compatible for a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. On the phone you will have to set it up manually.


3. SecurityKISS VPN

Link SecurityKISS VPN

If you want to use a VPN with fast access speeds but accept limited bandwidth usage, SecurityKiss VPN is a great option. This VPN software fully integrates best-in-class protection and high-speed access, but there’s no cost to pay.

The most notable feature of SecurityKiss VPN is that it does not require you to create an account.So you do not need to set up a username or password, just click on the start button to protect your network connection. The free version is considered as a fresh version that allows you to access servers from Germany, England, France and the US. The maximum data rate is 300MB / day, so if you have used up the traffic, you have to wait the next day for traffic to use. SecurityKISS VPN is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Mac OS platforms.

SecurityKISS VPN

4. CyberGhost VPN

Link CyberGhost VPN

If you are in need of a free VPN service then CyberGhost is definitely a top choice, because the software is fully integrated and feature rich in its free version. You do not even need to pay to use the premium version because only the free version is sufficient, because all the necessary features are included in the free version and achieve the perfect VPN software. There are many servers available in CyberGhost but you do not have to pay to access a specific point.

Unfortunately, this software has a lot of annoying ads, but you can use ad blocking software to deal with these adversity ads. The paid version is up to 5 times faster than the free version and removes the entire ad. If you are looking for secure and anonymous network access then you can use the free version. Because the whole protection function in the free version is just as good as the high end version. CyberGhost is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms.

CyberGhost VPN

5. Spotflux VPN

Link Spotflux VPN

The 5th place I would like to introduce to you in this article is Spotflux. One of the best VPN software available today is Spotflux, with unlimited bandwidth available with free account. You do not even need to pay to use the premium version if what you want is anonymously browsing and browsing blocked sites in certain areas. Spotflux provides fast access to a free account but you can not select your server location, only the premium version has this feature.

Spotflux interface is extremely simple and easy to use.You do not even need to open or connect it because it can automatically start up without you having to worry about saving you a lot of time. You can use it without worrying about limited monthly or limited data when using the free version. Spotflux is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS platforms.

Spotflux VPN

6. HideMan VPN

Link HideMan VPN

The next software I would like to introduce is the software that provides most of the features that a paid version of VPN can provide, which is HideMan. The special feature is that HideMan has all the features that other versions of VPNs offer, but there are restrictions on server location. All you need is in the free version. However, you can only use 7 hours a week. You have a limit of 7 hours of use to connect to any of the available servers in your worldwide locations list. Once you have used up to 7 hours of limited time in the free version, you will have to wait until next week for an extra 7 hours for free. You can also pay extra for extra hours from the HideMan service.HideMan is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS platforms. You can easily get free time on the Android version by completing a few actions such as downloading apps and using them.

HideMan VPN

7. TunnelBear VPN

Link TunnelBear VPN

The next VPN software I want to introduce is TunnelBear. This is one of the programs for users who want to experience beautiful and friendly interface, but still ensure you have quality experience with the best speed and security. You will definitely spend big love for TunnelBear.

This eye-catching app provides the best VPN protection and anonymity, but it’s free, but it’s worth it. The free edition has limited data capacity, meaning that you only get 500MB per month. However, you can have 1GB of free storage to use when you share this TunnelBear VPN. The sharing is extremely simple, you can do directly at the interface of TunnelBear.

The free version provides users with the fastest access speed and access to all available servers in the paid version. For many people, 1.5GB of data a month is too little, but if you want more data then you should order a premium version so you can use the unlimited data storage service. TunnelBear is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and also has a lightweight extension for the Google Chrome browser.

TunnelBear VPN

8. HotSpot Shield VPN

Link HotSpot Shield VPN

The eighth place is a very popular and familiar VPN service, which is Hotspot Shield. With more than two million users worldwide, Hotspot Shield has become an extremely popular name in the field of virtual private networking. Hotspot Shield provides users with unlimited data services at fast speed and of course is completely free. You do not need to pay to use this VPN.

The limiting point that you can recognize is that there are many annoying ads in the process of using.However, very simple, you can use ad blocking software to eliminate all interference from your computer, or pay for the premium version of Hotspot Shield to block ads. Hotspot Shield is compatible with most platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.HotSpot Shield Premium Edition costs about $ 27.99 a year for use with a variety of features to protect you from data theft as well as remove all types of ads.

HotSpot Shield VPN

9. HideME VPN

Link HideME VPN

Continue with one of the most popular free vpn software. That’s HideMe. Actually, this is a great VPN software that offers free service along with a paid version. HideMe’s free service has only three servers you can access, namely Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore. Access speed is fairly fast but still much slower than the paid version.

The interesting and best feature of HideMe is that they do not record your activity even if you use the free version. Moreover, the free version also does not have ads annoying users. The processing speed is much better than other VPN software. HideMe is compatible with many different platforms from Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad. According to the information, this software will also support Mac and Windown Phone in the shortest time. You need to make a registration to use the software for free.


10. OkayFreedom VPN

Link OkayFreedom VPN

The last but very impressive software in this list is OkayFreedom VPN. OkayFreedom VPN offers users a free, no-ads version, but maximum data access limit of up to 500 MB. However, like many other programs, you can increase monthly data up to 1GB by inviting additional friends to install and using OkayFreedom VPN. Each of your friends is invited and uses OkayFreedom VPN, you will be rewarded with 100 MB of free use.

The free version gives you access to nearly 12 servers around the world but is not limited to Germany, UK, Japan, Turkey … The free version has impressive browser speed and you do not have to register for use. Just download the VPN and then connect to any of the listed servers and observe your internet connection is protected by modern German technology.

OkayFreedom VPN


This is a list of the best free VPN programs that you can use to access blocked sites in your country, browse in anonymously, protect your personal information andhide your location.So, if you always want your browsing to be secure, using VPNs is definitely an effective solution to help you protect your information more securely. These programs will help you avoid being caught by professional information thieves.


The Best Free Software – 13 Tools Needed For PC Users

Hello friends. In today’s article, I would like to introduce you to creative and time-saving tools. These software include many tools to improve your creativity, such as image editing, 3D rendering or podcasting. And especially all these tools are free.

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1. Duolingo


If you want to improve your French vocabulary, or want to learn a new language such as German, Duolingo will help you a lot. This tool is available on the Windows Store and is considered to be the best free language learning software available today. This tool is community contributed content so it is very rich.

Duolingo has an attractive interface, based on images, audio clips, simulations as we are learning foreign languages in real life. In particular, the tool has the same point system as “HP bar” in the action game, with 4 hearts. You will lose heart if you make a mistake. Similarly, your learning curve is measured by experience points (XP), which you earn through each lesson. To help manage your study time, you can set learning goals for each day, from basic 1XP per day to 50Xp per day, and this app will remind you to study.

2. Krita


If we talk about an image-editing tool for free, most of us will think of the famous GIMP right away. But Krita is a newer application, better than GIMP, even Krita’s new tools, such as “engine brush”, are even better than Photoshop. Krita also supports the shader effect as a new layer, a feature that GIMP does not have.

Krita also features important features such as CMYK color support, tablet support and class effects. If you are a Linux user, Krita is the first application developed on the KDE platform.

3. Plumbago


If you are using a touch pen for your laptop or tablet, Plumbago is a very necessary tool for anyone because it allows the user to scrabble on the touch screen very comfortably. It has a handbook style interface for managing your notes. Try out the ThinkPad X1 Yoga, Plumbago works smoother and you can export your drawing notes to PNG or PDF files, or even cut photos into other applications such as OneNote, Word or PowerPoint.

4. Net


For many people, even though they are using Photoshop, they still run Paint.Net every day to edit their images at the basic level. Why? Because this is a very lightweight tool, save time compared to Adobe’s heavy toolkit. This is reflected in the size of the application: Photoshop has “download” in gigabytes, but Paint.Net is only 6.7MB download.

Net does not have hundreds of different tools, but focuses only on the most important tools in image editing. It’s an internal layer editing tool, some effects needed, and cropping, picking and cloning tools, which 90% of image professionals frequently use. Some people even develop plugins for this utility to extend its image editing capabilities.

Regular updates of Paint.Net also make this software always interesting. In addition, donate money to developers is more elegant than other free apps.

5. Pixel Art Studio


Whether you’re a game developer or just a fan of 8-bit classical art, you’ll probably love Pixel Art Studio. Along with common features like hand-drawing and fill-in, this software also lets you create animations.

At the very beginning, you choose the background size and hand draw or straight line tool. For geometric designs, you can mirror the image by the X or Y axis once you have finished painting one side. Once you’ve finished sketching, it’s time to color the composition. Like Photoshop, the custom palette lets you drag and drop colors from the color palette and save them. Meanwhile, you can track your finished work in the preview window.

Creating GIF images with Pixel Art Studio is also easy. Using the animation toolbar at the bottom of the window, you can create a frame sequence and specify the transition speed. Even, the tool has a “onion skin” mode to smooth the transition of the frame.

When you export to PNG or GIF, Pixel Art Studio has a slider for you to select the pixel spacing, as well as the ability to set the background and the pixels to be set. Then, you can insert your work in the indie game format, and share it with the Pixel Art Studio community.

6. Focus Writer

Have you ever had to write a long post, but sometimes glances at Facebook for new information or surfed through YouTube? The FocusWriter text editor will help you get rid of all your other annoying applications so you can focus on your work.

The FocusWriter automatically enters the full-screen mode when you open the “editor” environment, blocking all other windows and leaving you just facing a “blank sheet” of the screen. You can hover your mouse over the menu to show the application, with several format options. However, FocusWriter has some hidden hints.

First, there is a default add-on, consisting of traditional black-and-white, or wood-based themes with a variety of background images, such as forest photos or thunderstorms. If those photos do not appeal to you, let create your own theme by uploading a photo of yourself and choosing other fonts and colors to your liking.

First, there is a default add-on, consisting of traditional black-and-white, or wood-based themes with a variety of background images, such as forest photos or thunderstorms. If those photos do not appeal to you, create your own theme by uploading a photo of yourself and choosing other fonts and colors to your liking.

You can also set up Daily Goal goals, which can be calculated according to the writing time or number of words that one day needs to complete, for example an hour or 1,000 words, and the application has a bar at the bottom of the screen which will tell you the progress of completion. Your goals will be saved in a calendar, like a health monitoring application, and rewarded with “winning streaks” if you reach your goal for several days in a row.

Other useful tools of this utility include the ability to gray out every other text except for the single line or paragraph you are typing, an alarm clock and a spell checker. Even if you prefer, you can turn on sound typing on the typewriter keyboard, even if this feature is turned on, which may upset colleagues sitting next to them.

FocusWriter’s files can be saved in text format (TXT), rich text (RTF), Open Office XML (DOCX) and OpenDocument Text (ODT). This is supposed to be a good text-to-speech software that will keep you focused.

7. SketchUp


After being sold by Google to Trimble Navigation in 2012, SketchUp Make is getting better and the 2017 version of the tool is no exception. This is a very powerful 3D rendering application, suitable for anyone working in the field, from professional architects to beginner to professional.

SketchUp’s interface at first can be confusing, but the more you use it, the more you can feel its simplicity in creating 3D cubes. For example, to create a 3D template from a 2D drawing, you simply sweep the mouse from the bottom with the Pull tool, as if you pulled the wall from the floor to the ceiling. The Instructor menu box in the default tray is also very handy, as it will guide you through familiar, easy-to-understand animations.

SketchUp has many features for you to create realistic looking 3D models, including shaders, surface coatings made of materials such as wood and brick, or tape measure lengths, animations … and even have the feature set 3D drawings into the real environment, based on imagery from Google Maps. In addition, you can explore and download a variety of designs from the “3D Warehouse” community, including famous buildings such as Westminster Castle.

8. Levelator


Perhaps the Levelator tool is less widely known, as it is only for those who do audio production, podcasting, or other audio programs. But with these objects, Levelator is the best free tool available today. It simply smooths out different volume levels in the audio file, to create a more consistent record.

At first glance, it looks like nothing magical, but the Levelator is smarter than other tuning tools. Not only does the simple task mentioned above, this tool also analyzes the entire spectrum to identify the average volume level, then compensates for too high and too low volume. So, if you record an interview, a conversation between two people, in which one voice is smaller than the other, Levelator will recognize this “gap” of sound and will correct themselves both The voice is more equal in volume. This feature saves a lot of time for you.

Unfortunately, Levelator is no longer focused on development, as Conversations Network, the organization dedicated to podcasting and sponsorship for the development of this tool, has shut down since 2012. Although the final version of Levelator is still online and works very well but it may still need some maintenance and development.

9. Wunderlist


Unlike other to-do list management applications, Wunderlist is simple. There are options for you to set deadlines, create sub-tasks and add notes and attachments to tasks, but the power of this tool is to be able to quickly note when you need to take notes something. Sharing the task list with others of the Wunderlist is also very easy.

Job lists can be broken down into a variety of topics, making it easy to divide tasks by company, individuality … although the default Inbox window displays all tasks in sequence Wunderlist is also compatible with many operating system platforms, but it is now owned by Microsoft.

10. Unleashed Evernote


While not having as many features as OneNote from Microsoft, Evernote Basic is a very powerful workflow tool.

Its look is more traditional than OneNote, which includes standard Office fonts, text color, tables, and highlighting tools. However, Evernote has some very unique tricks, including the ability to attach a Google Drive file, record it directly in the app, and embed it into a note, insert a source code and set up email reminders. Another great feature is the ability to set a secure password when opening this app on your phone.

Once you create a note, add it to your notebook and sync Evernote Basic on two devices, you can use a browser extension called Web Clipper to save an entire web page to the notebook for later reading. You can also add notes and tags to your notes, as well as share them with others via email or social networking.

The only problem with Evernote Basic is that it’s pretty basic: 60MB of uploads a month are pretty tight. If you want more space, you’ll need to pay a premium for upgrading to Evernote Plus or Premium. But this is a great tool for notes if you want to add notes and images.

11. Unleashed OneNote


I must say that OneNote is not the best free software, but the OneNote version of Microsoft’s Windows Store is an excellent tool for anyone, from students to senior entrepreneurs.

With a paper-like interface, OneNote has many useful features such as a multi-page handbook, highlight tool, various drawing tools (including color palettes for you to paint creatively). , insert images easily, add attachments, insert tables, insert items to-do list, and have a slider for you to see how you note over time.

In particular, OneNote has an impressive feature called Ink Match Assistant, converts handwriting into text and offers tips to make. This is a great learning aid for both teachers and students. In addition, you can use your device’s camera to quickly import paper documents into an OneNote file without wasting much time scanning documents.

OneNote also automatically syncs your notebook to the cloud, but you can also create a share link, meaning your friends and coworkers without OneNote installed will also be able to view your notes, and even you. The notebook can be downloaded directly to Twitter. You can also use OneNote without a network connection, so it’s a great fit for you on long trips.

12. Slack


Maybe I can – not say all the great features of Slack, which is the best collaboration tool, even though other competitors such as Flock ( or Microsoft Teams have come up with potential. The highlight of Slack is that it’s free.

Another attractive element of Slack is its multi-platform support, including Windows, MacOS and Android, and it’s easy to share and view files. Tools like “remind me” help Slack better because it tells you what is the priority.

13. PhraseExpress


Compatible with many programs, including Microsoft Office and most browsers, PhraseExpress can help you breathe easier by placing text, images, templates, web links, forms and documents when you type a certain phrase.

But the real attraction of PhraseExpress is its features and the ability for users to customize the macro command. For example, you can set a time delay before the word automatically appears (in milliseconds), insert images, and only run macros on specific programs, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Word. For example, you might be interested in typing the word “rice”, a rice bowl image that appears in Word in 150 milliseconds.

And to avoid accidentally sending the rice bowl image to your boss, you can keep those shortcuts in the folder and set PhraseExpress’s password protection. This tool saves a lot of time and effort for you.

The best free software – 17 utilities needed for PC – Part 1

Sometimes, if you use software, you can solve problems easily, but you do not always realize that. So, in this article I will choose the best free software for Windows (also available on other platforms), focusing on three distinct categories.

1. 7-Zip

  • Link homepage:
  • The first application I would like to introduce to you in this article is 7-Zip. This is a great compression and decompression tool on the internet today. Maybe you think that you do not need it because Windows also has the ability to create and extract ZIP files by default, but 7-Zip has many other benefits. It supports a lot of file formats: it opens most of the compressed files on the internet, which includes very popular RAR files. It also allows you to browse and extract files from ISO image files, VDI, VHD and WIM, installation files such as CAB and MSI, even giving you access to the macOS DMG file.
  • Another advantage of 7-Zip is its ease of use. After installation, the application adds a submenu to the right-click menu in Windows Explorer, meaning you can compress and decompress files and folders with a single click. For more professional users, this utility also has a command line interface.
  • The best feature of 7-Zip is better compression than Windows, especially when you use its default compression format of 7z. According to the developers, the efficiency of file compression is up to 70% better than the normal ZIP compression format. A self-extracting compression format means that your colleagues can open compressed files without installing 7-Zip. Another factor is the “AES-256 encryption tool” for the password, so if compared to the built-in compression / decompression tool of Windows, 7-Zip is a lot better.

2. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

  • Link:
  • You do not necessarily have to use the Windows taskbar, because 7+ Taskbar Tweaker gives you many more great options. Taskbar Tweaker has three main sections: “Taskbar Items”, “Grouping and Combining” and “Other Taskbar Options”. And this is the second application I would like to introduce to you in this article.
  • The first item includes the ability to change what happens if you right-click or hover a thumbnail icon. The second item determines how the application is grouped on the taskbar, with the option of disabling grouping or browsing through windows by clicking the left mouse button. The third item contains a shortcut option when you double-click an empty spot on the taskbar to pop up the Task Manager or Start menu, switch back and forth between auto-hide / hold the taskbar and open the Taskbar Inspector. The Inspector displays all information about what applications are running, plus you can hide the Start button and display “seconds” of the clock in the clock interface.

3. Everything

  • Link download:
  • The third application I would like to introduce to you is Everything. This is one of the simplest software in this article. Everything is a fast way to find files and folders on your PC. According to this site, the software takes only a second to create an index for 70,000 files, so 1 million index files only take about 1 minute. And the preliminary test also says this. You can also narrow down your search by filters. As you can find just the document file, audio file, compressed file, executable file, image, video or just the directory. While the asterisk (*) will represent a group of characters. For example, if you search for “t * m” for a file, the result is a series of files with the first letter “t” and the last letter “m”. Or you can use the Boolean AND (space), OR (“|”) and NOT (“!”) to filter the search. Simple, fast, efficient is what Everything can search for instead of the integrated search engine of the operating system.

5. CCleaner

  • Link download:
  • The fourth application I would like to introduce in this article is Ccleaner. To speed up your Windows or Mac computer, CCleaner is a neat little tool that has a very powerful engine. The CCleaner tool is usually divided into two lists for you to choose from: Windows and Applications. Applications include standard features such as the Recycle Bin, deletion of temporary files created by the system, and deletion of cache data of the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • The good thing about the tickbox ticker system is that you can exclude individual files or programs that are not cleaned by CCleaner, and it also tracks how much space is left over the window. You can also run an analytics tool before the files are deleted, to make sure not to accidentally delete any unwanted files.
  • Registry cleanup is similar and very easy to use, allowing you to completely remove software, files, paths, fonts, ActiveX issues and redundant installers. Again, CCleaner is very useful to users thanks to the “Scan for Issues” button. This button will list the problems that the system encounters and has the option to restore the registry to ensure that the system is stable.
  • If you are still not satisfied with what CCleaner offers, you can go to the Tools tab to uninstall programs and applications directly, plug in the browser, analyze the drive, wipe the drive, and remove the restore point system. The free CCleaner does not have a user management option or a scheduled cleanup feature, but the free features of this tool are also very valuable.

6. MiniTool Partition Wizard

  • Link homepage:
  • The fifth application I would like to introduce to you in this article isMiniTool Partition Wizard.
  • We often have to split a drive into several different partitions, or have to clean a new partition on the drive to hold important documents and videos, so that if the operating system partition is affected, the data is still safe.
  • Microsoft has an integrated disk partitioning tool, but why the MiniTool Partition Wizard is mentioned here? The main reason is that it is very easy to use, very different from Microsoft’s cumbersome and confusing tools. Maybe that’s why the partitioning tool built on Windows is always a hidden feature, only suitable for users who understand this operating system only. Meanwhile, the MiniTool Partition Wizard has a very user-friendly interface, including advanced options for you. Plus, it’s free for personal use.

8. Ninite

  • Link:
  • The sixth application I would like to introduce to you in this article is Ninite. When you’re done installing the new operating system, the next thing you need to do is install a lot of applications on it, but the first set of applications may be the free applications you need. Ninite simplifies this process for you and saves you time. Ninite also helps you to avoid mistakes when visiting fake websites.
  • To get started, go to and browse through the free apps it lists. You just select the application you need to install, then click “Get Your Ninite” button to download the file named ninite.exe. Once downloaded, just run the file so that the program automatically installs all the applications you have selected on the Ninite website. Very neat and convenient. Updating the free software version is simple, just pick and download the nineteen installation file.

9. Paper2PDF

  • Link:
  • You may prefer the OCR character recognition software that comes with all-in-one printers, but these software is sometimes very basic and not very handy. Paper2PDF is a handy utility that reduces the time it takes to convert a PDF file into a single click.And this is the 7th application I would like to introduce to you in this article.
  • You can easily add multiple PDF pages to the back of the original PDF, and set PDF attachments automatically to outdate Outlook emails after the PDF has been created, saving you a lot of time and effort. The tool also has an option to open the PDF in the default PDF viewer of the system. Paper2PDF’s handwriting recognition function is also quite good. So this is a great tool for users or small businesses who often work with PDF scans and often have to email PDFs to partners, customers or archives and want to be able to search later.
  • 10. NeoRouter

  • Link homepage:
  • The 8th app I would like to introduce to you in this article is NeoRouter. This is an interesting freeware, like a virtual network. You can install it on Raspberry Pi or even on a router, and it allows you to connect SSH / VNC (even WakeOnLAN packets) to computers on the network without setting up dynamic DNS. This is a very convenient tool if you want to make Raspberry Pi in distant places or difficult places to access the network.

11. Speccy

  • Link:
  • The 9th application in this article is Speccy. Piriform is famous for its free tools, and Speccy adds that reputation. See Speccy as a health tool for your computer. Speccy opens the Summary tab, which tells you the basic operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive and audio. Each component has a detailed list. For example, RAM tabs detail memory usage and DRAM clocks. Or the Storage window shows you the speed of your hard drive and SMART parameters such as read error rates and spin-up startup times.
  • Speccy does not stop there. It has two sub-categories, Peripherals and Network, that give you details about which peripherals are connected to your PC or device, and lists Wi-Fi networks. The Network feature is also useful because it displays both external IP address and connection speed, saving you a lot of effort if you want to know the two. You can also capture images of these system parameters, posted online with a single URL path to share. Although it does not include any personal data, careful users can save data in XML format, plain text files, or printed information.
  • Like other Piriform free products, Speccy digs all the important information on your PC and organizes them in the most easily understandable, easy-to-share order.

12. Rufus

  • Link:
  • The 10th application that I would like to introduce to you in this article is Rufus. This is a tool for creating bootable USB flash drives. This is a very useful tool for creating new operating systems such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu, or you may want to keep a Windows installation as a backup. Simply pointing to the Rufus ISO image file and pressing the “Start” button, the application will quickly complete the job as you wish.
  • Rufus can create a USB flash drive for booting with FreeDOS, which is fully command-line based, open-source, fully MS-DOS compatible. This feature is useful when performing low-level disk maintenance tasks, or with tools such as firmware updates that require direct access to the device.
  • Rufus is not just a bootable USB flash drive, it’s the fastest, at least in the opinion of many experts, compared to some other competing tools. Rufus can also create UEFI-compliant USB flash drives, which you can boot as soon as your PC or laptop does not have the “legacy” boot mode. Remember to turn off the Secure Boot function so that the system can boot from the USB you created with Rufus because it lacks the cryptographic signature.

To be continued… Pls read the “The best free software – 17 utilities needed for PC – Part 2” here:

The best free software – 17 utilities needed for PC – Part 2

To be continued… Pls read the “The best free software – 17 utilities needed for PC – Part 1” here:

11. Revo Uninstaller Free


The 11th application that I would like to introduce to you in this article is Revo Uninstaller Free.

Revo Uninstaller Free is not the fastest app removal method, but it works very well. It creates a restore point, performs in-depth scanning and removes all traces of the program.

The Uninstaller tab includes a list of installed applications, their details (size, version, installation date and even the download site), and an option to uninstall or refresh the application. When you uninstall, first, Revo runs “parse” first, and creates a restore point for the system. Then, it opens the application’s default uninstaller and then runs the program that detects the files that have not been deleted, and then traces the entries in the Registry.

On the Tools tab, Autorun Manager stops the application from automatically launching, Junk Files Cleaner removes all unneeded files, and Browsers Cleaner cleans up temporary internet files and browser history.

Another interesting feature is the Hunter mode, which creates a fly-top icon on the desktop. You drag it through some software to remove the application, open its directory or stop it running automatically.

12. Sumatra PDF


The 12th application that I would like to introduce to you is Sumatra PDF. Maybe Sumatra PDF just a little more beauty on the interface, this is really a great tool for users often work with PDF format. XPS, DjVu, CHM and comics support, Sumatra PDF file opening with a simple toolbar, including a set of common tools such as zoom, printing, cross the page and search. However, the power of this utility is located in the extensive shortcut key, help you view PDF files very easily.

Sumatra PDF can automatically attach files to email and be able to recognize the letter OCR. You can also highlight and copy text and paste them into other applications very easily.In the past, Sumatra PDF has been known to “specialize” PDF formats with many charts, images or comics. If you’re bored with Adobe Reader, you can try this tool.

13. TeamViewer


The 13th application that I would like to introduce to you in this article is TeamViewer. This is a remote access tool, which is free for non-commercial purposes, so it’s great for anyone who wants to switch between computers. Once you spend about two minutes signing up for a computer, you can connect to it from anywhere in the world, and use it remotely as if it was right in front of you. Because this is a remote hosted service, you do not even need to configure the firewall.

This utility also has many tools to make your work more smoothly. You can enlarge the desktop of the remote access machine to fit the current device screen, or change the resolution of the host to match the resolution of the machine you are using. If the connection is slow, you can reduce image quality to increase responsiveness. The sound of the remote system is also transmitted to your speakers, and you can even print the remote document directly to your printer. The utility also has a file transfer tool for you to transfer files directly between two computers. And if you’re concerned about others viewing your computer, you can turn off the computer screen remotely and disable the mouse and keyboard remotely.

Some of TeamViewer’s features are only available in Enterprise Edition and do not relate to features for individual users. However, it is more than enough for a great free tool, which gives you access to every computer.

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14. PC Decrapifier


The most outstanding feature of PC Decrapifier is simplicity. With only 2MB, it quickly scans your PC and divides the applications into three categories: Recommended, Questionable, and Everything Else.And this is also the 14th application that I would like to introduce to you in this article.

When it does not have enough information to determine if it is bloatware (software pre-installed by the manufacturer when you buy it), it will transfer the application to Everything Else. Surprisingly, this tool lists the applications that you forget on your computer.

After checking which applications you want to uninstall, click the Remove Selected button and it will create a system restore point, and then remove the software. It’s done!

15. TestDisk


The 15th application that I would like to introduce to you is TestDisk. This is a great tool for diagnosing and repairing hard drive partitions alongside Speccy. It has a simple interface, including a command line interface.

TestDisk is an open source application, developed by CG Security, designed specifically to recover deleted partitions and / or non-bootable disks.

16. Wireshark


The 16th application that I would like to introduce to you in this article is Wireshark. Wireshark is very good, as it is perfectly programmed, telling you exactly what’s going on on the network. Even so, Wireshark appears very much in network training programs because it is full of features related to network and network hardware. Many people wonder why a switch tells you to copy network packets from one port to another: that is, thanks to Wireshark, you can capture network data without any special other tools.

But Wireshark is actually a double – edged sword, as it is a free tool and a powerful tool for anyone curious about what to do on the internet. Hackers also use Wireshark to sneak a user’s packets.

17. WinDirStat


The final application I would like to introduce to you in this article is WinDirStat.

If you wonder why your hard drive is running out of space so fast? You will need WinDirStat. This tool will review the entire drive, listing the size of each file and folder occupied by the hard drive. Take a few minutes to review, then this utility will show two sections. The upper part of the window is a regular directory tree, but adds a percent symbol, indicating exactly how each directory occupies the hard drive. Thanks to that information, you can easily look at folders that are too large to handle them.

In the window below, more intuitive, the tool displays a graph of the disk. Each file is represented by a square, colored code and can be zoomed to reflect the type and size of the associated file. If there is a file that is too large to be in a forgotten folder then you can see the file itself. Click to confirm the identity of the file and if not, click Delete to delete the file, clean up the hard drive space.